Jack's Squad HQ First Look

Jack's Squad HQ as seen by the Red Sprite's opticals

Jack's Squad HQ is an extra sector that the Red Sprite's crew investigates inside the Schwarzwelt.



This sector was created by Jack's Squad as a formal base within the Schwarzwelt where they installed themselves as official rulers. Thanks to the special technologies included in the Lightning, their ship, they bent time and space itself to create their new base. While mostly comprised of caverns and icy terrain, they were perfectly installed there and added their labs and containment devices to the original soil.

Soon after the establishment of the base, the game's Protagonist, his friend Jimenez and Jimenez' companion Bugaboo visited the sector in order to know if the non-aggression agreement between the two crews had remained valid. While they were reassured it was, Jimenez left with a bad impression about Ryan, the squad's second-in-command, and believed there was foul play in the sector. He was left at his behest as a spy.

Soon after his departure from the crew, Jimenez discovered Bugaboo missing. Investigating, he realized the small demon had entered the squad's labs. Following him inside, he found horrific evidence of monstruous experiments in which living demons were used as spare parts and pieces for weaponry. He tried to disrupt the experiments as much as he could, but he only managed to do superficial damage before he was captured and sent to be used as experimentation fodder.

Soon after this, the Red Sprite's crew invaded the sector en masse, destroying most of the squad's experiments and crippling their operations. Soon after, the Protagonist disarmed Captain Jack and Jimenez killed him as payback for his treatment of demons. Ryan, desperate, handed over everything the squad had and hoped to be left alive. Soon after, the Red Sprite's crew dismantled most of the weaponry of the squad and left a cadre of overseers.

After they arrived at Sector Grus, however, Ryan led a revolt, which led only to Zelenin deciding humans could not be trusted and to her conversion to an angel, leading to the complete brainwashing of the camp. Their demons were left free and they were left as nearly mindless shells of themselves. Later on, an alignment-affecting choice by the Protagonist can end with them dead at his hands or with them being left as the hollow people they had become.


Jack's Squad HQ Entrance
The view looking out from the entrance
JSHQ Cultivation Room
The cultivation room where demons are tortured
Jimenez and Bugaboo to be fused SMT1 style
Jimenez and Bugaboo in Jack's Squad's Lab; notice the resemblance to the classic fusion chambers
Jack's Squad Lab in shambles
The lab in shambles
Lightning (Ship)
The Lightning in full view
Bottom of the Lightning
The bottom of the Lightning
Jack Squad's regular area
JSHQ Cultivation Room
Cultivation Room
JSHQ Fusion Experiment Room
Damaged Fusion Experiment Room
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