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"I should still be able to aim for even higher places..."
—Itsuki Aoi, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Itsuki Aoi is the protagonist of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.



Itsuki is a young man with short black hair and dark gray eyes. He wears a white collar shirt with two red vertical lines along the placket, a blue sweater jacket with a white checkered pattern on his left sleeve bicep, tan slacks and dark navy sneakers.

At school, he wears a standard beige school uniform with a light blue striped tie.

As a Mirage Master, his hair grows slightly longer with blue streaks and he has blue markings on his face. His outfit resembles those worn by other Lords in the Fire Emblem franchise, such as Marth and Chrom.

During the final battle with Medeus, in his new Carnage Form, his appearance radically changes, with his hair and eyes turning sky blue and his attire bearing a strong resemblance to Marth.

After the battles and as the new head of Fortuna Entertainment, he wears a black suit with a blue tie.


Itsuki is described as a responsible and honest character, but he also has a bit of an obstinate side as well.



  • He hasn't done anything showbiz related in particular. Tsubasa is happy to keep him updated on the industry, but he himself has no real interest in it.
  • After a series of strange events, he joins fortuna Entertainment as a performer-in-training.
  • He works as a model for a men's fashion magazine.
  • He accomplishes his job as the backing chorus at Mamori Minamoto's recital show.
  • He appears in the stylish crime action TV show "Sneeze Detective Maho," directed by the master auteur Kuen Tarachino.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE[]

Itsuki was an ordinary high school student, but after a certain event, he awakened as a Mirage Master. He was practically forced into going to the show biz production company called "Fortuna Entertainment," where his friends gather, but he doesn't exactly share their love for the entertainment world.

In the final chapter, he is fatally hit by Medeus' attack. He is revived by his allies, who set free Marth's soul from inside Itsuki. Itsuki then becomes one with Marth, and defeats the dragon. Afterward, Marth leaves to go back to his own dimension. Itsuki later visits the Bloom Palace, where the other Mirages including Tiki admit they must leave as well, since they no longer have a purpose for staying in his world.

If all the side stories are completed, a post-credits scene is unlocked where Maiko returns to modeling and makes Itsuki the new president of Fortuna Entertainment.


Title Notes
"Everyman" Default title
"New Talent" At the end of Intermission 2
"Stage Manager" At the end of Intermission 3
"Perfect Crewman" At the end of Intermission 5
"Lord of Fortuna" Unlocked best ending


Itsuki Aoi - Perfect Crewman
Itsuki gained a newfound confidence after playing the part of Marth in "Fire Emblem." In the aftermath of the incident, he began to seriously consider a career in show business. After many hardships, and many memorable encounters, he will doubtless continue to shine as an artist.
Itsuki Aoi - Lord of Fortuna
Itsuki succeeded Maiko Shimazaki as president of Fortuna Entertainment, and though his first days were a shaky start, he grew to lead Fortuna and its members to success and fame. Perhaps this is what Itsuki had truly learned from Chrom and his friends; the leadership and strength of a Lord.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE


  • The name Itsuki means "tree" (樹).
  • Itsuki's surname Aoi means "blue" (蒼) (ao) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).
    • Blue is also the hair color of many Lords in the Fire Emblem series.

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