Ishtar Shin Megami Tensei II

Ishtar (イシュタル, Ishutaru) is a recurring demon in the series, based on Babylonian lore.


"Goddess of war and love, revered in ancient Mesopotamia. She seduced many men to their doom, but the hero Gilgamesh spurned her, causing her to murder his best friend Enkidu."
—Compendium Info

Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love and fertility, the Babylonian equivalent of the Sumerian goddess Inana. She is the personification of the planet Venus. Her father is uncertain, sometimes claimed to be the daughter of Sin, the moon god, or Anu, the sky god. She is also known as the "Lady of Battles" because she is known as a very violent deity. She is the creator of life and the guardian of life. Her symbol is the eight-pointed star, and her holy city is Uruk (or Erech). Uruk is a town of sacred courtesans - part of her cult was devoted to prostitution.

Ishtar's sister is Ereshkigal, the goddess of the realm of the underworld. Ereshkihgal cursed her sister, and Ishtar died. With Ishtar dead, the earth withered and would not produce, and neither animals nor human beings would bear young. With great effort, the water god Ea used magic to revive Ishtar, and Ereshkigal was not pleased. She demanded to trade her sister for someone else, finally deciding that her husband Tammuz would replace Ishtar for six months out of the year.



Shin Megami Tensei II

Ishtar is the ruler of Binah. By bringing Astaroth to throne room in Binah, the player may seperate him into Ishtar and Majin Astarte. Ishtar explains that YHVH forced her to fuse with Astarte and become Astaroth long ago. This allows the player to create Ishtar with fusion afterwards.

Persona 4

Ishtar is the ultimate persona of the Lovers Arcana. This means that players must fully level up the Lovers Social Link (Rise Kujikawa's) and reach Level 71.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

"The Akkadian goddess of love and war. She is known as the "Queen of Heaven" and is equated with the planet Venus.
In the epic of Gilgamesh, she had many lovers, but all were fated to be killed or turned into animals at her hands."
—Strange Journey Compendium


Trisha Standard.png

Ishtar takes the form of Trisha, or Midnight Venus (ミッドナイトヴィーナス, Middonaito Vīnasu), in the Japanese version. She is an attractive woman with a red afro who is the hostess of the various modes, including the Golden Playhouse (Golden Theater in Japan), the game's primary story mode. She provides an introduction to the game's modes and will text Vincent concerning his achievements in the Nightmare stages and provide him with hints. She also acts as commentary throughout the game. Players can make her reveal her identity and her role in the story if they do well enough, and completing the game's toughest challenge, the Axis Mundi of Babel, produces a cutscene where she breaks the fourth wall.

It is interesting to note that when Trisha lets her hair down, she looks facially similar to Nemissa, another character that Soejima designed.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children White Book

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
Common Gold Kami 835 45 484 210
43 42 45 42 45 43
List of Skills
God Hand Mudoon Mahajionga
Recarm Diarama Makandyne

Persona 4

Level Arcana St Ma En Ag Lu
71 Lovers 46 44 33 48 49
Inherit Resists Block Absorbs Reflects Weak
Recovery None Electricity None None Wind
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Mediarahan 30 SP Fully restores party's HP. Innate
Samarecarm 18 SP Revives 1 ally with full HP. Innate
Mutudi 3 SP Cures Silence (1 ally). Innate
Maziodyne 22 SP Deals heavy Elec damage to all foes. 73
Amrita 12 SP Cures all ailments except Down and KO (party). 75
Spell Master Passive Halves SP cost for magic skills. 76
Absorb Wind Passive Absorbs damage from Wind attacks. 77
Salvation 40 SP Fully restores party's HP. Cures ailments. 78

Devil Survivor Overclocked

Level Race HP MP ST MA VI AG
29 Megami 190 151 9 19 9 10
Racial/Auto Skill DeSu2 Physical Icon.png Phys DeSu2 Fire Icon.png Fire DeSu2 Ice Icon.png Ice DeSu2 Elec Icon.png Elec DeSu2 Force Icon.png Force Curse DESU2.png Mystic
Affection - - - Resist - Null
Command Skills
Recarm Diarahan * None
Passive Skills
None None None

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Level Race Alignment HP MP ST MA AG VI LC
51 Megami Light-Law 439 249 33 38 34 33 35
Attack Type Physical Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Expel Curse Almighty
Single Foe/1/Physical/None - - - - - Drain Null Weak -
Poison Paralyze Stone Strain Sleep Charm Mute Fear Bomb Rage
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Natural Skills
Amrita Silent Prayer Invitation
D-Source Skills
Amrita Drain Wind None




  • If you rearange all the letters in the name "Trisha" , it is possible to spell "Ishtar". Hinting the Midnight Venus's true identity.
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