"You won't escape from me! My demons will devour your flesh! And Yuri's power will be mine!"
—Isaac, Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner

Isaac (アイザック, Izaaku) is an antagonist appearing in Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner.

Appearences Edit

Profile Edit

Isaac is the leader of the Devil Busters. He is first found as the boy possessed by a Ghoul in the Lost Caves. During his exploration, Yuuji Kino will find him blocking the exit. After being defeated, he returns to normal but is severely hurt and Yuri Takano will ask if she can take him home to care his wounds. If Yuuji accepts, he will recover and will give 10,000 Macca as thanks for saving his life. Later, he invades Yuri's house and tries to drain her magical powers, if Yuuji visits Yuri's home before a New Moon, Issac will be fought as a boss along Raphael, Gabriel and Michael. If not, Yuri will die and the game will end.

Status Edit

As Master Ghoul

Race Level HP MP
[[Ghost]] 25 1000 200
Strength Defense Magic Speed
12 10 15 9
List of Skills
Poison Claw Energy Drain Shibaboo

As the Leader of the Devil Busters

Race Level HP MP
[[Summoner]] 50 2750 0
Strength Defense Magic Speed
8 15 18 10
List of Skills
Summon Critical Strike Shhot
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