Invitation to Freedom - Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Soundtrack

Invitation to Freedom - Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Soundtrack

"Invitation to Freedom" is one of the battle themes in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. It was composed by Atsushi Kitajoh and performed by Lyn. It is based on the soundtrack of Persona 5 and is meant to serve as the main battle theme for both the P5 hero and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.


Let's get real
What's your deal?
D'you still believe you
Will ever
Be able to take us down?
Three letters on the wall
You have lost again...
Don't take it too hard.

No surprise
After all, you chose the wrong rival.
We are more than some bored teenagers, yeah.
Bad luck, underestimating us was your worst choice.
Don't sweat it, grownups.

You have no chance, no
We'll be through with you before you know it
Too bad, right?
We came to take ev'ry heart
Your's included, don't worry.
This is WAR
We'll keep on fighting.
How about looking at things from a new perspective?
Ain't no superhero around to save the world forever...
This job's up to us, yeah!

Time to ask
Did you get a grip on the truth?
We are here to bring change to our world
Take a side, make it right
Or get out of the way right NOW!
You cannot stop us!

How many times did you
Look away that someone
Cried for help?
Acting like you didn't know
We won't accept excuses without sincere actions
Unmasking all you

Don't let this world down
Say it, you want to change, too
So why suppress it, huh?
Why hesitate when there is no rule
Stopping you? Come on!
No whining, all you
Denying what is right
It is just easier than to try something new, right?
This way of living has been oh so
Comfy all this time
Still that's no excuse, no!

Every time that you
Felt alone, nobody there to care
Let's make it better!
Be different right now!
It is your chance to get up
And welcome a

New day!
Embrace the real you
Face it, you are not like everybody else, right?
Time to stand up for yourself and all things dear to you.
Time to be a
World Changer!
What are you waiting for?
Don't you turn around and give into old matters, stop!
You can become the change you've feared all this time
Be yourself
We are waiting for you!

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