Intolerant Officer

The Intolerant Officer, before engaging it.

Intolerant Officer (狭量の官, Kyōryō no kan) is an optional boss in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden. It is found on the last floor of Steamy Bathhouse and appears after the seventh of June. He does not have to be fought in order to proceed in the storyline. Beating him does, however, raise Yu Narukami's courage greatly, and leaves behind an Iron Plate that can be equipped onto Kanji Tatsumi.


The stats for Intolerant Officer applies for both Persona 4 and *Persona 4 Golden.

*In Persona Golden the Intolerant Officer is only weak to Electricity.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 35
Magic 28
Endurance 15
Agility 12
Luck 18
Hierophant 27 3000
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almi
- - Weak Weak Weak Block Block Strong
EXP Yen Normal Drop Rare Drop
4650 1000 - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Single Shot Deals light Phys damage to 1 foe.
Poison Arrow Deals medium Phys damage to 1 foe with a chance of Poison.
Bufula Deals medium Ice damage to 1 foe.
Garula Deals medium Wind damage to 1 foe.


Intolerant Officer's weakness is to Electricity, but with slightly reduced damage. While not set as a weakness, it will also take slightly more damage from Ice and Wind skills. Almighty damage and All-Out Attack damage is halved due to its resistance to Almighty. Bringing Kanji can allow him to strike the boss's weakness and follow up with Kill Rush to potentially deal more damage than using an All-Out Attack as a follow up (even more so if Chie is present and buffs Kanji with Tarukaja), however this will leave Kanji open to retaliation on the boss's next turn. Intolerant Officer will actively target weaknesses using Bufula or Garula, however it may occassionaly strike a character's weakness and then follow up with the other skill, saving them from becoming Dizzy. If the Intolerant Officer cannot target a weakness it will use the Single Shot or Poison Arrow skill to deal damage.

Bringing Yukiko may cause her to become actively targeted unless the protagonist also has a weakness to exploit during the boss's turn.

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