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The Persona 3 protagonist's initial Persona, Orpheus.

The initial Persona (初期ペルソナ, Shoki Perusona)? is the Persona that represents the most inner thought of its host. As a beginning Persona, its ability is usually relatively weak, so the mythological or historic figure that the Persona takes form is often less significant in the respective mythology or history, though there is some exception.

As the Persona "closest" to the user, the initial Persona will always be able to be summoned by the user, even if they previously returned it or transformed it into another Persona, as shown by Yukino Mayuzumi, Kei Nanjo and Eriko Kirishima having regained their initial Personas in the Persona 2 duology and the Investigation Team having regained their initial Personas in Persona 4 Arena.


List of Initial PersonasEdit

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Character Arcana Persona
Protagonist Emperor Seimen Kongou
Maki Sonomura Priestess Maso
Masao Inaba Chariot Ogun
Kei Nanjo Hierophant Aizen Myouou
Eriko Kirishima Judgement Nike
Hidehiko Uesugi Justice Nemhain
Yuka Ayase Magician Houri
Reiji Kido Devil Bres
Yukino Mayuzumi Empress Vesta

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

  • This is the first game in the series which has the more uniformed origins of signature Personas of the playable characters from only the Greek and Roman mythologies. All of them also have fashion design motifs.
Character Arcana Persona
Tatsuya Suou Sun Vulcanus
Eikichi Mishina Death Rhadamanthus
Lisa Silverman Lovers Eros
Maya Amano Moon Maia
Yukino Mayuzumi Empress Vesta
Jun Kurosu Fortune Hermes

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Character Arcana Persona
Maya Amano Moon Maia
Ulala Serizawa Star Callisto
Katsuya Suou Justice Helios
Baofu Hanged Man Odysseus
Kei Nanjo Hierophant Aizen Myouou
Eriko Kirishima Judgement Nike

Tsumi to BatsuEdit

Character Arcana Persona
Kazumi Kiba Hierophant Yama
Rihito Shimizu Judgement Archangel
Keito Emperor Indra
Narui Justice Bishamonten
Rinne Hierophant Varuna

Persona 3Edit

  • All initial Personas of the playable characters are solely from the Greek mythology with Lucia being the odd one out.
Character Arcana Persona
Female protagonist
Fool Orpheus
Yukari Takeba Lovers Io
Junpei Iori Magician Hermes
Akihiko Sanada Emperor Polydeuces
Fuuka Yamagishi Priestess Lucia
Mitsuru Kirijo Empress Penthesilea
Aigis Chariot Palladion
Koromaru* Strength Cerberus
Ken Amada Justice Nemesis
Shinjiro Aragaki* Hierophant Castor
Metis* Hierophant Psyche
* These characters never have their initial Persona evolved or gain more powerful ones.

Persona 4Edit

  • This is the first game in the Persona series to feature initial Personas from ancient Japanese scriptures or beliefs.
Character Arcana Persona
Protagonist Fool Izanagi
Yosuke Hanamura Magician Jiraiya
Chie Satonaka Chariot Tomoe
Yukiko Amagi Priestess Konohana Sakuya
Kanji Tatsumi Emperor Take-Mikazuchi
Rise Kujikawa Lovers Himiko
Teddie Star Kintoki-Douji
Naoto Shirogane Fortune Sukuna-Hikona

Persona 5Edit

  • This is the first game to feature initial Personas mostly from modern fiction or historical figures, whether proven or contested.
Character Arcana Persona
Protagonist Fool Arsène
Morgana Magician Zorro
Ryuji Sakamoto Chariot Captain Kidd
Ann Takamaki Lovers Carmen
Yusuke Kitagawa Emperor Goemon
Makoto Niijima Priestess Johanna
Futaba Sakura Hermit Necronomicon
Haru Okumura Empress Milady
Goro Akechi* Justice Robin Hood
Sumire Yoshizawa Faith Cendrillon
Takuto Maruki Councillor Azathoth
* Although Goro Akechi's true initial Persona in Persona 5 is heavily implied to be Loki, Robin Hood is instead designed to serve as thematic parallel to the Phantom Thieves's initial Personas, originating from English folklore rather than a mythology. He is also the first (and only, outside of Persona 5 Royal) Persona Akechi summons while operating as a party member.

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