Infini Palace (アンフィニ宮殿, Anfini kyuuden)? is a location in the series.

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Megami Tensei[edit | edit source]

Infini Palace is the last dungeon, which can be accessed from Bien and the Rotting Sea of Flames. It is divided into two sections, the lower half being the "Blue Salon", and the upper area is referred to as the "Red Tower". Infini serves as the palace of Lucifer, the main antagonist of the game. Beelzebub appears as an extra boss in Infini.

The Blue Salon consists of 4 floors. The 2nd floor contains a large maze that hides the Mist Armor and Daphne's Crown, the best armor and the best helmet respectively. The 4th floor is considered Infini Palace's town, complete with a shop. There is also an NPC there who will tell the secret of the bottomless vase in the Rotting Sea of Flames, required to get the White Dragon Jewel. This floor also allows access to Bien if the player needs it.

The Red Tower is accessed on the 1st floor, through a secret 1-way door in the Famicom version. It is a linear climb through 8 floors consisting of various difficult layouts and challenges. On the 8th and final floor, the last room is guarded by a miniboss known as Fog. After defeating it, the room must be traversed carefully, otherwise the party will fall through a hole in the ground. There are also two optional fights: a rematch with Astaroth and another miniboss with Beelzebub.

If the party does not have the White Dragon Jewel before fighting Lucifer, he will randomly heal himself completely with Diarahan, rendering the fight unwinnable. After his defeat, Lucifer warns Nakajima and Yumiko that demons will one day return before the entire labyrinth sinks back into ground.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Salon 2F - Mist Armor, Daphne's Crown

Shops[edit | edit source]

Megami Tensei[edit | edit source]

Weapon Attack NOA Sex Price
Vermilion Sword 38 2-4 Female ћ12000
Death's Scythe 43 1-3 Male ћ20000
Perseus' Sword 48 2-4 Male ћ30000
Aura Sword 74 1-2 Both ћ50000

Armor Type Def Sex Price
Orichalcum Mail Body 12 Male ћ18000
Aura Armor Body 14 Both ћ37000
Aura Shield Arm 7 Male ћ25000
Aura Helmet Head 10 Both ћ25000

List of enemies[edit | edit source]

Megami Tensei[edit | edit source]

Demon Race Level
Demonic Shrunken Head Foul 36
Scylla Kaijuu 39
Troll King Jaki 39
Oni 37
Shadow Night 39
Mephisto 32
Rangda Femme 53
Hakuma-Bhuta Haunt 51
Deva 36
Dullahan 35
Tiamat Wilder 51
Asura Vile 62
Sooma 57
Werewolf Yoma 52
Lamia 40
Wyvern Beast 49

Fixed Encounters[edit | edit source]
  • Red boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level Floor
Fog Foul 41 8
Astaroth Vile 61
Beelzebub 60
Lucifer Tyrant 130

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Infini" is French for infinite. "Anfini", the romanization of the Japanese used, is derived from the pronunciation of Infini.

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