Infiltration Tools are craftable items in Persona 5.


The protagonist is able to craft infiltration tools at the workbench in their attic in Café Leblanc. The protagonist can only use the workbench during evenings, and time will pass once he does.

Infiltration tools serve a variety of functions useful for stealth and intrusion. They can lower a Palace's Security Level, unlock Treasure Chests, and escape Palaces. They can be used in battle as well, allowing them to deal damage or avert the enemies' attention towards a specific teammate. A majority of the tools are consumable.

In order to craft tools, the protagonist needs to collect certain materials and convert them into the tool of their choice. They'll be consumed upon crafting. These items can be found and bought in shops, but a few of them can only be discovered in Mementos.

The number of times the protagonist can craft in one time slot is 1 by default, and is boosted by the rank of their Proficiency stat. For example, if their Proficiency is Rank 2, they'll have 3 turns available at any time. In addition, if tools are created on a holiday, the number will increase by +1. In rare cases, while crafting, Morgana might praise him, giving him an extra attempt. This situation can occur multiple times during one session. It is demonstrated on April 17 by default.

Usually, upon crafting, the protagonist's Proficiency rises by 2 points. However, Morgana's praise will grant him an additional point of proficiency.

The tools are taught to the protagonist over time by Morgana: by automatically initiating his Confidant on April 15, the protagonist will be able to craft basic infiltration tools. Later on, reaching Rank 6 on July 25 will grant the protagonist access to all remaining tools.

If the protagonist Ranks up Sadayo Kawakami's Confidant up to Rank 1, on certain days, he'll have extra free time in class: crafting infiltration tools is one of his available activities during that period. On Rank 5, free time in class will become more common. In addition, reaching Rank 7 will allow Kawakami to make infiltration tools in his place.

In Persona 5 Royal, if the protagonist reads the book "ABCs of Crafting," it will double the amount of times his Proficiency stat allows him to craft. Additionally, buying the item "Seeker's Tools" from Akiba Electronics in Akihabara will grant the same effect. Merging the two perks together will quadruple the effects of the protagonist's Proficiency level.


For Morgana's Confidant abilities, see Morgana → Confidant
Vanish Ball Guarantees escape from battle. Not all battles apply.
  • Thick Parchment x1
  • Plant Balm x1
Rank 1
Spotlight Raises chances of being targeted by foes for one ally.
  • Thick Parchment x2
  • Cork Bark x2
  • Silk Yarn x1
Element Set Includes Molotov Cocktail, Freeze Spray
Stun Gun, and Air Cannon.
  • Tin Clasp x3
  • Plant Balm x3
  • Cork Bark x3
Limelight Greatly raises chance of being targeted by foes for one ally.
  • Condenser Lens x4
  • Aluminum Sheet x2
  • Tanned Leather x4
Rank 6
Megido Bomb Deals 100 Almighty damage to all foes.
  • Tanned Leather x4
  • Red Phosphorus x3
  • Liquid Mercury x2
Forces Set Includes Psycho Bomb, Atom Match
Happy Bomb, and Curse Bomb.
  • Silk Yarn x3
  • Iron Sand x3
  • Condenser Lens x3
Lockpick A tool that can open one locked treasure chest.
  • Silk Yarn x1
  • Tin Clasp x1
Rank 1
Stealthanol A deodorant that erases your presence,
lowering a Palace's Security Level.
  • Plant Balm x2
Eternal Lockpick A tool that can open any number of locked treasure chests.
  • Aluminum Sheet x20
  • Liquid Mercury x10
Rank 6
Covertizer A presence-erasing mist that greatly lowers
a Palace's Security Level.
  • Plant Balm x2
  • Cork Bark x2
Goho-M A tool that allows you to return to the Metaverse entrance.
  • Silk Yarn x1
  • Plant Balm x1
Rank 1
Smokescreen Elude enemy pursuit by becoming temporarily undetectable.
  • Thick Parchment x2
  • Plant Balm x2
Hypno Mist A mist that puts nearby enemies to sleep.
  • Silk Yarn x3
  • Plant Balm x1
  • Iron Sand x3
Rank 6
Reserve Ammo A gunpowder set that allows you to restock the party's ammo.
  • Iron Sand x10
  • Aluminum Sheet x10
  • Red Phosphorus x10
Treasure Trap Increases the chances of encountering Treasure Demons in Palaces.
  • Silk Yarn x2
  • Plant Balm x3
  • Cork Bark x1

Items in SetsEdit

Molotov Cocktail Deals 50 Fire damage to one foe. Element Set
Freeze Spray Deals 50 Ice damage to one foe.
Stun Gun Deals 50 Elec damage to one foe.
Air Cannon Deals 50 Wind damage to one foe.
Psycho Bomb Deals 50 Psy damage to one foe. Forces Set
Atom Match Deals 50 Nuke damage to one foe.
Happy Bomb Deals 50 Bless damage to one foe.
Curse Bomb Deals 50 Curse damage to one foe.



Silk Yarn A bundle of silk yarn. ¥1,150 Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop
Tin Clasp A fastener made from tinning. ¥2,050 Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop
Plant Balm Natural oil harvested from plants. ¥2,600 Underground Mall - Rafflesia Flower Shop
Shinjuku - Flower Shop Sukebe
Cork Bark Bark with elasticity. ¥2,900 Underground Mall - Rafflesia Flower Shop
Shinjuku - Flower Shop Sukebe
Iron Sand Iron sand with traces of magnetic properties. ¥3,350 Akihabara - Akiba Electronics
Condenser Lens A lens that gathers light. ¥3,600 Akihabara - Akiba Electronics
Tanaka's Shady Commodities
Aluminum Sheet A thin sheet of aluminum. ¥4,400 Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop (11/25 - 12/24)
Tanned Leather A highly elastic animal hide. ¥4,800 Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop (11/25 - 12/24)


NameDescriptionSearch ObjectBattle Drop LocationsBattle Drop Enemies
Thick Parchment Processed animal skin
used for transcribing.
Path of Qimranut
Path of Aiyatsbus
Path of Chemdah
Path of Chemdah Possessing Dog Ghost
Hunting Wolf Spirit
Bringer of Misfortune
Path of Kaitul Prankster Leader
Tornado Devil
Red Phosphorus A pyrophoric, toxic powder.
Liquid Mercury A shimmering silver liquid metal.




Making infiltration tools (Japanese)

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