This article is about the skill. For more uses, see Inferno.

Inferno (インフェルノ, Inferuno)? is a damage-dealing Fire skill.


Inferno deals severe Fire damage to 1 foe. Like with most Fire skills, Inferno has a rare chance of inflicting the Burn ailment on its targets.

Game Effect Power Acc. Cost
Persona 5
Persona 5 Royal
Severe Fire damage to 1 foe. Severe 48 SP


Party MembersEdit

By equipping AccessoriesEdit

Party members are able to learn Inferno by equipping certain Accessories:

Game Accessory Location
Persona 5 Royal Spiral Inferno Ring Electric Chair Execution - Mada
(Fusion alarm)


Persona 5 / RoyalEdit

By leveling upEdit
Persona Arcana Level
P5 P5R P5 P5R
Surt Magician 64 -
Throne Justice - 78
Mada Tower - Innate
Orichalcum Faith - Innate

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