All Incense card IS Incense Card back IS
Front and back of the "All" Incense Card from Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Card Icon P1 Incense Cards are a special type of item in the Persona 2 duology.



Incense Cards are used to add to the persona's stats, similar to how Incense is used to raise human characters' stats, however the cards can only be used during persona creation, and only one can be used.

There are 6 Incense cards:

Card Effect (IS) Effect (EP)
St Card /
STR Card
Str Incense card IS +8 to strength +10 to strength
Vi Card /
VIT Card
Vit Incense card IS +8 to vitality +10 to vitality
Dx Card /
TEC Card
Dex Incense card IS +8 to dexterity +10 to technique
Ag Card /
AGI Card
Agi Incense card IS +8 to agility +10 to agility
Lu Card /
LUK Card
Luc Incense card IS +8 to luck +10 to luck
All Card All Incense card IS +4 to all stats +5 to all stats

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