Incense is special type of item in the series.


Incense is a special type of item that increases a Human character's stats and fully restores their HP and MP. Typically they are only available for base stats (St, Ma, Lu, etc), increasing a single stat by 1, however some games feature Incense that can be used for HP and MP, increasing them by 10. A few games also feature incense that increase all stats by 1 or 2. However, in Shin Megami Tensei IV, each Incense found is based on the 5 stats, and using one heals all HP and MP of a character, as well as raising the stat it is named after by 3.

Types of IncenseEdit

  • St: Increases strength and attack
  • Ma: Increases magic, MP, magic attack, and sometimes magic defense.
  • In: Increases wisdom, magic defense, MP, and sometimes magic attack.
  • Vi: Increases HP and defense
  • Ag: Increases hit, speed, and avoid
  • Lu: Increases critical, drop rate, hit, and avoid

Persona exclusiveEdit

  • Dx (replaces Ma and In): Increases dexterity, magic attack, magic defense, and SP
  • HP: Increases HP by 10
  • SP: Increases SP by 10
  • Lucky Mallet: Increases all stats by 2


Gum is the name for the stat increasing items found in the Devil Children series and increase a stat by one point. Unlike other games they do not restore HP/MP, nor does increasing certain stats increase those two, and must either have the demon gain HP through rank up or Trainers.

  • Attack
  • Guard
  • Magic
  • Speed
  • Resist
  • Luck


Serving the same function as Incense in the Digital Devil Saga series. They increase the individual stat by 2, with the exception of HP/MP, which increases by 10.

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