Inaba Pride Exhibit is the fourth Labyrinth in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


The labyrinth is styled after a traditional Japanese festival, with paper lanterns and bonfires abound. In lower floors takes on aspects of a sauna, such as increased heat and silhouettes of posing men on the walls. In order to progress, the player has to perform a series of ceremonies, which either involve bringing a Sacred Flame through a sealed door, or walking through a series of leg-shaped gates in a particular order to unlock a door, or both at once in a few circumstances.

The setting is stylized after one of Rei's wishes, which come from wanting to go to a real festival. However, after the first floor, the homoerotic turn it takes is due to Rei overhearing the guys talk about Kanji wearing a loincloth and the men who work during festivals.


Power SpotsEdit

  • Floor 1
    • Agarwood
    • Sandalwood
    • Kyarako
  • Floor 2
    • Music Sheet 260
    • Music Sheet 657
    • Music Sheet 581
  • Floor 3
    • Lily
    • Carnation
    • Chrysanthemum
  • Floor 4
    • White Belt
    • White Candle
    • White Pot

100% Map Completion ChestsEdit

  • Floor 1: Goba-K More [Must enter Night 2]
  • Floor 2: Superficial Statue (Growth 2) [Must complete most of Night 3]
  • Floor 3: Radiant Halo
  • Floor 4: Ring of Darkness


Dropped by normal shadowsEdit

Sub-personas dropped by F.O.E.sEdit

Fast GuyEdit
Sweaty GuyEdit


  • White boxes indicate Rare Shadows.
  • Dark Purple boxes indicate FOEs.
  • Purple boxes indicate Bosses.
Shadow Weak Resist Block Absorb Floor Drops
Inviting Nyogo Fire Elec, Wind - - Night 1Nyogo Piece
Nyogo Kimono
Battle Wheel Dark, Ice Bash - - Night 1
Night 2
Tire Piece
Tire Axle
Tire Mane
Shallow Okina Elec Fire, Ice - - Night 1
Night 2
Okina Piece
Okina Coat
Okina Staff
Happy Gene Dark - Light - Night 1
Night 2
Spiral Piece
Spiral Spring
Beastly Gigas Wind Cut, Stab - - Night 1
Night 2
Biceps Piece
Biceps Mask
Iron Dice Elec, Light Cut, Stab, Wind, Fire Dark - Night 2
Night 3
Dice Piece
Dice Dip
Fierce Cyclops Light, Dark - - - Night 2
Night 3
Night 4
Hanged Piece
Hanged Cuffs
Hanged Thorn
Rain Leg Musha Ice Cut, Wind - - Night 2
Night 3
Musha Piece
Musha Helm
Mach Wheel Ice, Dark Bash, Wind - - Night 3
Night 4
Wheel Piece
Wheel Axle
Wheel Tail
Apostate Tower Light, Dark - - - Night 3
Night 4
Tower Piece
Tower Crown
Tower Eye
Platinum Dice Dark, Ice Cut, Bash, Fire, Wind Light - Night 3
Night 4
Craps Piece
Craps Lump
Craps Eye
Valuing Nyogo Elec Fire, Ice Light - Night 3
Night 4
Leaf Piece
Leaf Kimono
Reckless Okina Fire Elec, Wind Dark - Night 4Sage Piece
Sage Coat
Immortal Gigas Wind Cut, Stab, Ice - - Night 4Triceps Piece
Triceps Mask
Indignant Machine Elec Light, Dark - - Night 3
Night 4
Machine Piece
Machine Mallet
Opulent Hand -Everything - -AllOpulent Piece
Kowakashu Fire Stab Light, Dark - Night 1
Night 4
Kumiashira - Stab, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark - Night 1
Night 4
Fast Guy Fire Cut, Stab, Bash Light, Dark - Night 2
Night 4
Speed Mask
Sweaty Guy Wind Fire, Elec, Stab, Bash Light, Dark -Night 3
Night 4
Dripping Sweat
Festival Dudes Ice, Wind Bash, Fire Light, Dark - Night 2
Night 4
Hyottoko Mask
Best Friend - - Light, Dark - Final Night Hand-Sewn Vest
Guardian Machine Ice - Light, Dark - Final Night Machine Gold


Inaba Pride Exhibit Entrance PQ
PQ Side P4 Inaba Pride
Inaba Pride
PQ Side P4 Inaba Pride Exhibit entrance
Inaba Pride Exhibit seen in Side: P4.
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