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Inaba Pride Exhibit (稲羽郷土展?) is the fourth Labyrinth in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


The labyrinth is styled after a traditional Japanese festival, with paper lanterns and bonfires abound. In lower floors takes on aspects of a sauna, such as increased heat and silhouettes of posing men on the walls. In order to progress, the player has to perform a series of ceremonies, which either involve bringing a Sacred Flame through a sealed door, or walking through a series of leg-shaped gates in a particular order to unlock a door, or both at once in a few circumstances.

The setting is stylized after one of Rei's wishes, which come from wanting to go to a real festival. However, after the first floor, the homoerotic turn it takes is due to Rei overhearing the guys talk about Kanji wearing a loincloth and the men who work during festivals.


Power SpotsEdit

  • Floor 1
    • Agarwood
    • Sandalwood
    • Kyarako
  • Floor 2
    • Music Sheet 260
    • Music Sheet 657
    • Music Sheet 581
  • Floor 3
    • Lily
    • Carnation
    • Chrysanthemum
  • Floor 4
    • White Belt
    • White Candle
    • White Pot

100% Map Completion ChestsEdit

  • Floor 1: Goba-K More [Must enter Night 2]
  • Floor 2: Superficial Statue (Growth 2) [Must complete most of Night 3]
  • Floor 3: Radiant Halo
  • Floor 4: Ring of Darkness


Dropped by normal shadowsEdit

Sub-personas dropped by F.O.E.sEdit

Fast GuyEdit
Sweaty GuyEdit


  • White boxes indicate Rare Shadows.
  • Dark Purple boxes indicate FOEs.
  • Purple boxes indicate Bosses.
Shadow Weak Resist Block Absorb Floor Drops
Inviting Nyogo Fire Elec, Wind - - Night 1Nyogo Piece
Nyogo Kimono
Battle Wheel Dark, Ice Bash - - Night 1
Night 2
Tire Piece
Tire Axle
Tire Mane
Shallow Okina Elec Fire, Ice - - Night 1
Night 2
Okina Piece
Okina Coat
Okina Staff
Happy Gene Dark - Light - Night 1
Night 2
Spiral Piece
Spiral Spring
Beastly Gigas Wind Cut, Stab - - Night 1
Night 2
Biceps Piece
Biceps Mask
Iron Dice Elec, Light Cut, Stab, Wind, Fire Dark - Night 2
Night 3
Dice Piece
Dice Dip
Fierce Cyclops Light, Dark - - - Night 2
Night 3
Night 4
Hanged Piece
Hanged Cuffs
Hanged Thorn
Rain Leg Musha Ice Cut, Wind - - Night 2
Night 3
Musha Piece
Musha Helm
Mach Wheel Ice, Dark Bash, Wind - - Night 3
Night 4
Wheel Piece
Wheel Axle
Wheel Tail
Apostate Tower Light, Dark - - - Night 3
Night 4
Tower Piece
Tower Crown
Tower Eye
Platinum Dice Dark, Ice Cut, Bash, Fire, Wind Light - Night 3
Night 4
Craps Piece
Craps Lump
Craps Eye
Valuing Nyogo Elec Fire, Ice Light - Night 3
Night 4
Leaf Piece
Leaf Kimono
Reckless Okina Fire Elec, Wind Dark - Night 4Sage Piece
Sage Coat
Immortal Gigas Wind Cut, Stab, Ice - - Night 4Triceps Piece
Triceps Mask
Indignant Machine Elec Light, Dark - - Night 3
Night 4
Machine Piece
Machine Mallet
Opulent Hand -Everything - -AllOpulent Piece
Kowakashu Fire Stab Light, Dark - Night 1
Night 4
Kumiashira - Stab, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark - Night 1
Night 4
Fast Guy Fire Cut, Stab, Bash Light, Dark - Night 2
Night 4
Speed Mask
Sweaty Guy Wind Fire, Elec, Stab, Bash Light, Dark -Night 3
Night 4
Dripping Sweat
Festival Dudes Ice, Wind Bash, Fire Light, Dark - Night 2
Night 4
Hyottoko Mask
Best Friend - - Light, Dark - Final Night Hand-Sewn Vest
Guardian Machine Ice - Light, Dark - Final Night Machine Gold


Inaba Pride Exhibit Interior
Interior of Inaba Pride Exhibit
PQ Side P4 Inaba Pride
Inaba Pride
PQ Side P4 Inaba Pride Exhibit entrance
Inaba Pride Exhibit seen in Side: P4.
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