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Illusory Shibuya is an Idolasphere in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Illusory Shibuya is first visited in Chapter 2. The entrance is located in the Central City area of Shibuya down the block from Cafe Seiren. Itsuki's party enters the Idolasphere in pursuit of Nobu Horinozawa, a Mirage-possessed photographer who has taken Maiko Shimazaki and a number of models hostage. The boss at the end of the Idolasphere is Gangrel.

Illusory Shibuya is a series of platforms with staircases and jump-off points. Throughout the Idolasphere are large cameras that will teleport the party back to the start of the current block if caught in their view. Later on, there are sections of missing floor that Itsuki must flip the proper switch for in order to create bridges.

The Idolasphere itself takes the form of a dark, distorted Shibuya. Scattered around the dungeon are photos of the models that the possessed Nobu had captured before, and later in the dungeon, the photos are exclusively focused on Maiko. After the Idolasphere is completed and Gangrel is defeated, the photos are swapped out with those of Shibuya landmarks.

There is also a Nickelwise Mirage here that Itsuki can scout for Urahara Arena.


Item Type Item Type Item Type Item Type Item Type
Light Ball x3 Consumable Patra Stone x5 Consumable Chakra Drop x2 Consumable Master Seal Performa Treasure Key Consumable
Soma Consumable Dis-Charm x2 Consumable Nightlife Flicker Performa * Bead x2 Consumable 10,000 yen Money
Balm of Life Consumable Res Incense Consumable Clap Track Consumable Gold Bar Consumable Detritus x5 Key Item
Sleeping Sand x3 Consumable Treasure Key Consumable Treasure Key Consumable Nightlife Glitz Performa * Smoke Machine x2 Consumable
Revival Bead x2 Consumable Amrita Soda x4 Consumable Soma Droplet x2 Consumable

Locked Chests

Item Type Item Type Item Type
Chakra Pot Consumable Roaring Ear Plugs Accessory Bead Chain Consumable


Mirage LV HP EP Weak Resist Null Drain Repel Floor
Apparition 16 160 80 Fire, Elec, Expel, Death Sword, Lance, Axe, Ice, Force - - - 1F
Dark Shaman 17 170 90 Sword, Axe, Ice, Expel Force, Death
Worm 18 255 80 Lance, Elec, Expel Sword, Death
Bacillus 19 290 90 Ice, Force, Expel, Death Lance, Elec
Abyss 240 130 Sword, Axe, Bow, Fire, Ice, Force, Death Elec
Dark Archer 20 220 100 Lance, Axe, Elec, Death Force 2-3F
Dark Cleric 240 110 Sword, Fire, Expel Ice, Elec, Death
Skellington 21 310 Sword, Fire, Force, Death Lance Ice
Regal Myrmidon 22 320 120 Lance, Ice, Expel Axe, Fire -
Sixth Element * 15 8 10 Bow Fire, Ice, Elec, Force Sword, Lance, Axe, Expel, Death Random
Ironclad Knight 30 560 200 Sword, Ice, Expel, Death Lance, Bow, Force - 2-3F
Red Barbarian 31 530 210 Sword, Fire, Expel Lance, Ice, Elec
Blackscale Rider 400 185 Axe, Bow, Force Sword, Fire, Ice
  • Boxes in red denote a Savage Mirage.


Mirage Lv Class Affinity
TMS Sword Icon.png TMS Lance Icon.png TMSFE Axe icon.png TMS Bow Icon.png TMS Fire Icon.png TMS Ice Icon.png TMS Electricity Icon.png TMS Force Icon.png TMS Light Icon.png TMS Dark Icon.png TMS Almighty Icon.png
Tarnished Myrmidon 22 Myrmidon - Weak Resist - Resist Weak - - - - -
Gangrel 28 Myrmidon - Weak - - - Weak - Resist - - -



  • In the original Japanese version, Illusory Shibuya has a more overt gravure idol theme. In the international release, anything relating to gravure models, including Maiko's backstory, was swapped with fashion models.

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