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Illusory Daitou TV is an Idolasphere in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Illusory Daitou TV is first visited in Chapter 3. Itsuki's party enters the Idolasphere in order to save Barry Goodman, who has been possessed by a cursed Draug, and is subsequently the final boss of the area.

Illusory Daitou TV is a large dungeon comprised of stone pathways, wooden bridges and Japanese pavilions. The party agrees to help a director Mirage prepare for a performance. First, they must light up four lanterns in the four cardinal directions before proceeding to the next floor. After talking to a Mirage who gives them two Light Essences, they must adjust the lighting in the four lantern rooms to the satisfaction of the Mirage inside. Afterwards, the director Mirage asks a party member to sing a cover of "Dia Sweet Witch", which Kiria performs. The final task is to deliver three revised scripts to three different Mirages within the time limit, or Itsuki must try again. After this, the party finds Barry and Draug.

The party later revisits Illusory Daitou TV in Chapter 5 in pursuit of Dark Yashiro, a Mirage copy of Yashiro Tsurugi. The party stumbles upon an impassable wall of Performa. Tiki informs them that a massive flow of Performa can be found at Illusory 106 and Illusory Daiba Studio. When the flows of Performa are cleared at both locations, the Performa wall at Illusory Daitou TV will clear, allowing Itsuki to find and defeat Dark Yashiro.


Item Type Item Type Item Type Item Type Item Type
Mazan Stone x2 Consumable Garden Artistry Performa Smoke Machine x2 Consumable Bead Chain Consumable Treasure Key Consumable
Piercing Eyelashes Accessory 35,000 yen Money Balm of Life Consumable Skl Incense Consumable Bead x2 Consumable
Amrita Soda x2 Consumable Fasterine S x3 Consumable Chakra Drop x2 Consumable Clap Track x2 Consumable Garden Accolade Performa
25,000 yen Money


Mirage LV HP EP Weak Resist Null Drain Repel Floor
Blackwing Knight
Phantom 24 315 215 Bow, Fire, Elec Sword, Lance, Axe, Force Dark - -
Dark Mage 25 Sword, Lance, Axe Fire, Ice, Light - - -
Inferno 26 430 150 Ice, Elec, Light, Dark Bow - Fire -
Leviathan 27 350 160 Sword, Bow, Fire, Dark Lance, Ice - Elec -
Yomotsu Shikome 28 330 170 Elec, Light Lance, Dark - - -
Ironclad Knight 30 560 200 Sword, Ice, Light, Dark Lance, Bow, Force - - -
Blackscale Rider 31 400 185 Axe, Bow, Force Sword, Fire, Ice - - -
Red Barbarian 31 530 210 Sword, Fire, Light Lance, Ice, Elec - - -


Mirage Lv Class Affinity
TMS Sword Icon.png TMS Lance Icon.png TMSFE Axe icon.png TMS Bow Icon.png TMS Fire Icon.png TMS Ice Icon.png TMS Electricity Icon.png TMS Force Icon.png TMS Light Icon.png TMS Dark Icon.png TMS Almighty Icon.png
Draug 35 Knight Weak Resist - - - - - - - Weak -
Dark Yashiro * 49 Myrmidon ? Weak ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Null -

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