Ikebukuro Tunnel

Tunnel Entrance

Ikebukuro Tunnel (イケブクロ坑道, Ikebukuro Kōdō)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



The Demi-fiend will traverse this area while following Futomimi and the Manikins to Asakusa after freeing them from the Kabukicho Prison. There are dark tunnels and hidden pitfalls in the area, so Light Balls will be needed to see where the Demi-fiend is going well. An Oni will warn the Demi-fiend about four strong Oni being in the tunnels, being Fuu-Ki, Sui-Ki, Kin-Ki and Ongyo-Ki. They can be found and challenged as optional bosses by finding their stone cave in the tunnels, but Ongyo-Ki will only appear after the first three have been defeated.

Recruiting Sarutahiko will allow access to the Lightoma skill for easier navigation without consuming Light Balls.

Nue, Mothman and Shikome all use Death-based skills, so ingesting Anathema while exploring is recommended to avoid an instant death from Mamudo or death from a combo of Evil Gaze/Stone gaze and a physical attack.


Level Race Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
6 Foul Slime 54 33 Fire/Expel Phys Death - - Sonic Wave, Gathering (Slime), Last Resort
13 Jirae Sudama 96 60 Fire Force - - - Makakaja, Mazan, Kamikaze
16 Foul Blob 156 66 Ice/Expel Phys Death - - Zanma, Toxic Sting
26 Fairy Kelpie 210 117 Force Ice - - - Pulinpa, Stun Bite, Diarama, Marin Karin
28 Foul Black Ooze 264 111 Elec/Expel Phys Death - - Deathtouch, Panic Voice, Mute Gaze, Gathering (Black Ooze)
31 Wilder Nue 258 120 Fire - Ice/Death - - War Cry, Stun Claw, Ice Breath, Mamudo, Dark Howl
32 Femme Shikome 246 144 Fire Mind Curse/Nerve - - Stun Needle, Stone Gaze, Laughter (Shikome)
35 Jirae Sarutahiko 392 126 Nerve - Death/Expel - - Counter, Focus, Berserk, Hell Thrust, Dragon Eye, Beast Eye
43 Wilder Mothman 416 183 Elec - Fire/Death - - Panic Voice, Evil Gaze


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