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Idun is a demon in the series.


Idun, also spelled Idunn, or Iduna (Old Norse: Iðunn), is the Norse goddess of apples, youth, spring and rejuvenation and the wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She was the keeper of the magic apples of immortality, which the gods must eat to preserve their youth, and so was treated as a granter of eternal youthfulness.

The Prose Edda relates how Loki was once forced by the jötunn Thjazi to lure Idunn out of Asgard and into a wood with the promise of apples even fairer than her own. Thjazi, in the form of an eagle, abducts Idun from the wood, bearing her off to his home. Idun's absence causes the gods to grow old and gray, and they realize that Loki is responsible for her disappearance. Under duress, Loki promises to bring her back and, setting out in the form of a falcon, eventually finds her alone at Thjazi's home. He turns her into a nut and flies back toward Asgard. When Thjazi returns to find Idun gone, he assumes his eagle form once more and flies off in hot pursuit of Loki and his precious burden. The gods build a pyre in the courtyard of Asgard and, just as Loki has stopped short of it, kindle it. Unable to halt his frenzied onrush, Thjazi plunges headlong through the fire, falling to the ground with his feathers aflame, whereupon the gods attack and kill him.

A number of theories surround Idun, including potential links to fertility, and her potential origin in Proto-Indo-European religion. Long the subject of artworks, Idun is sometimes referenced in modern popular culture.



Shin Megami Tensei V[]

"A goddess from Norse mythology. She is the keeper of the golden apples and wife to Bragi the god of poetry.
Gods in Norse mythology are said to retain their youth via her apples, which are safely kept in a box made from ash wood."
Shin Megami Tensei V lore

Idun occasionally visits the Fairy Village to deliver golden apples, which are known to have medicinal properties. She meets the protagonist who requests some of her apples, but she tells him that the ones she has on her aren't ripe and that Loki had been stealing some of them from her. After finding some missing apples, Loki ends up kidnapping Idun, prompting a Jack Frost to commission the protagonist to rescue her. The protagonist defeats Loki and frees Idun from her prison, upon which she returns to the village. As a reward, she gives them the ability to fuse her so they can call upon her for battle. Idun can be summoned through special fusion in the World of Shadows using Ame-no-Uzume, Hua Po and Parvati.


Shin Megami Tensei V[]

Race Level HP MP
Strength 19
Vitality 24
Magic 51
Agility 33
Luck 35
Megami 42 204 245
Physical Phys Fire Fire Ice Ice Electricity Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - - Weak Resist Null -
Ailment Resistance Resist:Charm
Skill Potential
- - - - +2 +2 -4 - - +4 +2
Special fusion Megami Ame no Uzume + Jirae Hua Po + Megami Parvati
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Golden Apple 180 MP (Unique) Moderate HP recovery for all allies and raises all stats by 1 rank for 3 turns. Innate
Zanma 20 MP Medium Force attack to 1 foe. Innate
Marin Karin 10 MP Chance of inflicting Charm to 1 foe. Innate
Diamrita 30 MP Moderate HP recovery and cures status ailments for 1 ally. 43
Mahamaon 40 MP Heavy Light attack to all foes. Chance of instakill when striking weakness. 44
Life Aid Auto Recover HP after a battle. 45
Eternal Prayer Magatsuhi Full HP recovery, ailment and/or death recovery for all allies. 46



  • Idun's character design for Shin Megami Tensei V, which consists of red clothing, a hood and a basket filled with food, is a reference to the 17th century European folktale Little Red Riding Hood.
  • According to an interview with Masayuki Doi, Idun was chosen because of her unique charm.[1]
    • Idun was also designed with the idea of a Japanese idol in mind, which also bleed into her mannerisms and her unique skill Golden Apple.[1]


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