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The Idolaspheres (イドラスフィア, Idorasufia)? is a series of locations in the universe of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.



Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE[]

An Idolasphere is the realm from which beings called Mirages originate. Hostile Mirages cross over into the human world from the Idolasphere in order to drain humans of their Performa, but the Idolasphere is also home to benevolent Mirages that are willing to ally with humans, as well.

Dungeons in the game are set within the various Idolaspheres, with their locations taking form and thematic inspiration based on either the locations in the human world that they share a connection with, or who the. For example, the Idolasphere at the 106 Building in Shibuya features a fashion theme.

To unlock new Idolaspheres, one has to progress the story to the point where the Mirages attack Japan, with the leading Mirage taking over a human victim, with the sole exception of Illusory Urahara, which is an optional Idolasphere.


For Tokyo Mirage Sessions on the Wii U, there is another optional Idolasphere that is part of downloadable content for the game, where it can be found in the left hand side of the Bloom Palace, past where Chrom stands. This Idolasphere has three paths to make grinding for experience-boosting items (both for regular EXP and for Carnage Mastery) and Detritus for Incense trading easier. Unlike the other DLC Packs, the three paths can be bought seperately in addition to their respective bundle. All three paths of this Idolasphere came free with the Special Edition of the game.

Not only was this optional Idolasphere added as part of the base game in the enhanced port, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore, unlocked after defeating the Umber Pegasus Knight midboss in Chapter 1, another area was added to this Idolasphere: the Area of Aspirations, which is the focus of the Extra Story that is also exclusive to Encore.

  • Extra Idolasphere (DLC for original Wii U; Chapter 1 in Wii U Special Ed., Encore)
    • Training Area
    • Mastery Area
    • Prisoner Area
    • Area of Aspirations (Encore exclusive, Extra Story-centric)


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