The Idolasphere (イドラスフィア, Idorasufia)? is a location in the universe of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

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The Idolasphere is the realm from which beings called Mirages originate. Hostile Mirages cross over into the human world from the Idolasphere in order to drain humans of their Performa, but the Idolasphere is also home to benevolent Mirages that are willing to ally with humans, as well.

Dungeons in the game are set within the Idolasphere, with their locations taking form and thematic inspiration based on the locations in the human world that they share a connection with. For example, a dungeon set at the 106 Building in Shibuya features a fashion theme.

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SMTxFE first dungeon
SMTxFE Screenshot of one of the dungeons in idolsphere
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