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The Idea Space is a digital world and the main setting of Shin Megami Tensei NINE.


Shin Megami Tensei NINE

The Idea Space is a digital world created by the Debuggers after getting destroyed by the ICBMs making the survivors to live in the underground Tokyo. The Idea Space is ruled by Yaldabaoth who resides in Paradise and plots the annihilation of the human race to have a world free of sin.

It's main purpose is to recreate Tokyo´s state before the destruction. It's mainly inhabited by the survivors of the apocalyptic war of 199X and Demons.

However, the Idea Space experiences glitches known as "Noise" that manifest as demonic entities. Because of the way the Idea Space works, damage inflicted inside will also afflict the user in the real world, so the Noise must be eliminated as a matter of public safety. The Central Administration Bureau has assembled a team of warriors, known as "Debuggers" to fight the Noise.

The Idea Space also includes rules meant to be followed inside that world:

Basic Rules

  • Changes to the face and personal appearences are regulated.
  • You may change your clothing and hairstyles within the acceptable parameters.
  • Lying about your identity is not permited.

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