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"Zeus and Odin were bigtime gods. But both of them wanted it all. They were never gonna play nice. So what do you think is gonna happen in your "world of gods"? Endless war. You know these gods will eat each other alive. They won't ever see eye to eye. But here's the thing. If we just let the Creator do His work, everyone'll get their fair share! Don't you get it? How could someone who's all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing ever steer us wrong?"
—Ichiro Dazai, Shin Megami Tensei V.

Ichiro Dazai is a character in Shin Megami Tensei V.



Shin Megami Tensei V[]

"Look, I'm borderline useless at school... And I'm always making trouble for other people. But even a guy like me wants to be someone people can turn to!"
—Ichiro Dazai, Shin Megami Tensei V

Ichiro Dazai is the protagonist's schoolmate of same year. His personality is both cheerful and gauche. His grades are poor and he is seen as useless at school.

After wandering off on his way back home to the dorm to livestream himself in response to lingering rumors of monster sightings around, he is dragged to Da'at after a tunnel collapse incident.

After being rescued by an angel and safely returning from Da'at to Tokyo, Bethel approaches and asks him to work for them as a demon fighter, to which he agrees in hopes of proving his worth for a noble cause. He is given the Demon Summoning Program by Hayao Koshimizu, and Yuzuru taught him the ropes, though Ichiro is hesistant to use it, as the program can cause the user to act like demons themselves.

Although he joined the cause instantly, Ichiro expresses he actually has little to no confidence, and why he's struggling at school. This issue comes from his parents often arguing and being divided, and he always upsets the other when he takes a side, not knowing what is right anymore. But he assumes that Bethel's cause simply has to be good because of its goal of protecting people from ruin. He quickly develops a friendship with his superior Abdiel, surprised to find that she has a kinder side to her.

Following Bethel's fracture, Ichiro initially remains with the Japanese branch and wanted to help their cause. As Hayao Koshimizu reintroduces himself as Tsukuyomi, he tells Ichiro that he could sense the Knowledge of another with him and told him to wait to see who would respond to it. He later returns to the summit area and tries to convince Abdiel to become a Fallen to uphold God's will, although his initial attempt ends in failure due to the archangel's reluctance, even with Lucifer's reasoning. He also discovers that he is Abdiel's Knowledge, hence why she had been treating him well as she felt a kinship with him from this connection.

When the protagonist arrives at the Taito area, they spot Ichiro, who contemplates what would happen without Bethel's rule. Accepting his flawed nature, he undergoes a slight chance in appearance, although he becomes far more threatening and assertive. He later reappears with Abdiel at the Temple of Eternity as a Nahobino pair as Abdiel embraces her Fallen nature to do so.

Should the protagonist side with Abdiel, Ichiro will greet them alongside her before making their way to the throne. He deduces that he would have to convince Yuzuru Atsuta to stand down and when the two meet, they argue over whose views is correct to no avail. Yuzuru and Hayao then transform into their Nahobino form, killing Ichiro and Abdiel. Should the protagonist side with Tsukuyomi or Nuwa, he and Abdiel transform into their Nahobino form, killing Yuzuru/Tsukuyomi and Shohei Yakumo respectively on their paths and is the first Nahobino pair fought by the protagonist on their trip to the throne, where they are killed by them.


  • Ichiro's surname Dazai means "thick, big, great" (太) (ta/da) and "superintend, manager, rule" (宰) (zai).

"Dazai" also shares pronunciation with the Japanese word for "fall of man." (堕罪*)?

In Other Languages[]

Language Title
Flag of the United States English Ichiro Dazai
Flag of Japan Japanese 太宰 イチロウ
Flag of South Korea Korean 다자이 이치로
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China.svg Traditional Chinese 太宰 一郎

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