Ice Land

Ice Land's map in Black Book/Red Book (PS)

Ice Expanse (氷の魔界, Kōri no Makai)?, also known as DemIce and Ice Land (アイスランド, Aisu Rando)? is a world in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children Black/Red BookEdit

Known as Ice Land, it is one of the smaller worlds that makes up the Expanse and is home to the Frost clan and Yetis. The Tyrant Hel rules over the land with an iron fist. The second land Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname visit on their journey. The Ice Land has two main towns: the Gate Town which is close to the Ice Gate that connects to other areas of the Expanse and the Frost Town which is next to Hel's castle, Eljudnir.

Gate Town is connected to Frost Town via a Frozen Prairie and a Frozen Cave. In each of those areas there is a hidden demon that will join the party if the player manages to find them: Kotodama and Yuki-onna, respectively. Once the player has been through a certain event in Marble Land, it's possible to recruit either Diana (Black Book) or Hel (Red Book) by finding in the Frozen Cave and Eljudnir, respectively. In the PlayStation version of the game, Bunbuku Chagama can be found in one of Gate Town's houses and can be recruited for 2,000 macca.

Devil Children White BookEdit

The third realm of the Expanse Masaki Kuzuha visits in his search for the cure to Shou Ougi's illness. King Frost has become the new Tyrant of Ice Makai upon Hel's death and rules fairly from the palace that Hel once resided in. The cure is obtained thanks to Dian Cecht. Later the Angels of Tenkai's army march upon the Ice Expanse and take over King Frosts palace, holding King Frost hostage.

DemiKids: Dark/Light VersionEdit

Known as DemIce, Akirain Dark Version must travel to the Ice Temple where King Frost resides in order to reach Valhalla. Light Version has Jin travel to the portal in the temple after saving Lucifer, where he learns of Drail's betrayal of the rebels.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Akira travels through the Ice Expanse on his route. A Jack Frost will join the party after beating the mission that requires saving him. Jormungandr is the Imperium general faced in the Ice Temple.


Black Book & Red BookEdit

Item Price Effect
Hellfire Magatama 120ћ Medium Fire damage to one foe.
Ice Magatama Medium Ice damage to one foe.
Wind Magatama Medium Wind damage to one foe.
Angel Wing Warps to many places.
Music CD4 900ћ Closed-off Land of Ice
Attack Capsule 90ћ Increases Attack for one ally.
Magic Capsule Increases Magic Attack for one ally.
Guard Capsule Increases Defense for one ally.
M Guard Capsule Increases Magic Defense for one ally.
Smoke Bomb 60ћ Escapes from battle.
Small Life Stone 40ћ Light HP recovery for one ally.
Life Stone Fragment 130ћ Heavy HP recovery for one ally.
Revival Bead 1,200ћ Revives an unconscious ally.
Chill Map 150ћ A map of Ice Land.

Item Price Effect
Small Life Stone 40ћ Light HP recovery for one ally.
Life Stone Fragment 130ћ Heavy HP recovery for one ally.
Revival Bead 1,200ћ Revives an unconscious ally.
Soma 60ћ Removes all ailments except Faint (all allies).
Chill Map 150ћ A map of Ice Land.

Item Price Effect
Expanse Burger 180ћ Restores one ally's HP and SP.
Chakra Drink 40ћ Light SP recovery for one ally.
Chakra Shake 70ћ Medium SP recovery for one ally.


Black Book & Red BookEdit

  • Red boxes denote bosses.
Demon Level HP Class Element Type Location
Petit Frost 1 36 Common Water Fiend Secret Path, Hidden Prairie
Gnome 35 Earth Ogre
Nessie 2 41 Water Dragon Secret Path, Hidden Prairie, Hidden Passage
Counting Sheep 40 Thunder Ghost Secret Path, Hidden Passage
Pixie 3 48 Wind Ogre Secret Path, Frozen Prairie
Ratatoskr 52 Fiend Secret Path, Hidden Prairie, Hidden Passage
Hairy Jack 49 Dark Evil Hidden Passage
Nisroc 4 57 Holy Secret Path, Hidden Prairie, Hidden Passage
Vetala Earth Ghost Hidden Passage, Frozen Prairie, Frozen Cave, Eljudnir
Nekhbet 58 Wind Good Hidden Passage, Frozen Prairie
Nekomata 5 66 Dark Evil Frozen Prairie, Frozen Cave
Sand Dragon 67 Fire Dragon Frozen Cave, Eljudnir
Watcher 6 73 Light Holy Eljudnir
Tatari Mokke Elite Good
Yeti 78 General Water Ogre
Yukinko 7 79 Common Fiend
Cait Sith General Wind Ghost
Garm * 5 128 Common Fire Fiend Secret Path
Jack Frost x2 *
Water Fiend
Dust * 6 156 General Ogre Gate Town
Jack Frost x2 *
Secret Path


Ice Expanse DCMR
Ice Expanse World Map in Devil Children Messiah Riser

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