Hydraville (ハイドラの町) is a town Devil Children series.



DemiKids: Dark VersionEdit

Located in Valhalla, Hydraville is a mining town located in the center of the world. The rebels, Judy, Amy Kashihara and Guy are hiding in this town and reveal to Akira that Jin and Lena have been taken as prisoners to Limbo.

The buildings in the town are made of stone, fitting to the mining village theme. The town has an Inn, Store, Demon Lab, Power Lab, Vinecenter and a bar.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Visited by Jin on his route, while here he leaves both Rand and Lena safely here for a time, only for Imperium soldiers to appear and capture her. Rand runs off to warn Jin of what happened. It is also here where giving up demons for a stronger one is possible, with the only demon capable of doing it at that point of the story is Mizuchi for a Quetzalcoatl. Any demon used this way will be put inside a pen that the Devil Children visit to see how they are doing.

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