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Hunt is a special type of Physical skill exclusive to the Digital Devil Saga duology. They are skills used by the playable party to eat enemy demons in battle. Unlike regular physical attacks, any resistances to physical damage does not affect an enemy's vulnerability to Hunt skills. Hunt skills also cannot be used on bosses.

Being physical attacks, Hunt skills consume a percentage of HP to use. They can get critical hits if used on a frozen enemy, but they will deal very little damage. Shocked enemies on the other hand take full damage from Hunt skills and get critically hit as well.


General Skills

Skill Power Target
Devour Light One enemy
Feed Frenzy Light Random enemies
Insatiable Moderate All enemies
Consume Heavy One enemy
Devil Feast Fatal (low odds) One enemy
Ingest Fatal (high odds) One enemy
Great Feast Fatal (low odds) All enemies
Last Meal Fatal (high odds) All enemies

Game Specific Skills

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2

Skill Effect
Rend Asunder Moderate Hunt damage, 1 enemy
Full Banquet Fatal Hunt (high odds during MAX Noise), 1 enemy.
New Banquet Fatal Hunt (high odds during MIN Noise), 1 enemy.

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