Huli Daxian (虎力大仙 Korikitaisen), known also by his Japanese name as Koriki Taisen or The Immortal of Tiger Power is a demon in the Majin Tensei series.


Huli Daxian, or Korikitaisen in Japan, is a tiger demon that goes by the title of The Immortal of Tiger Power. Huli Daxian was one of the three Immortals of Power, from the Chinese novel Journey to the West, who disguised themselves as Taoist magicians to deceive the ruler of the Kingdom of Chechi (車遲國) and become his royal advisers. Sun Wukong, the main character of the novel, competed with Huli Daxian in a contest of magic powers and lured him into meeting his respective demise which was being beheaded.


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