The Houseplant is an object in the protagonist's room in Persona 5.


The protagonist is able to nurture their houseplant in their attic at Café Leblanc. Feeding it nutrients allows them to boost their Kindness stat. Depending on the nutrient they're being fed, the amount of Kindness the protagonist is being rewarded with will vary. After feeding it, the plant cannot be fed until 16 days later. Unlike other activities, interacting with the houseplant never takes time.


Name Effect Description Price Location
Garden Energy +Kindness (♪) A cheap plant nutrient.
For those who want basic care for their plants.
¥500 Shibuya Central Street - Rocinante Discount Store
Bio Nutrients +Kindness (♪♪) A pricey plant nutrient.
For those who want good care for their plants.
¥1,200 Underground Mall - Rafflesia Flower Shop
Mega Fertilizer +Kindness (♪♪♪) A premium plant nutrient.
For those who want serious care for their plants.
¥3,000 Shinjuku - Flower Shop Sukebe

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