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"This is the Hollow Forest. The "closed realm" created by her in the TV world, the "world of the human mind...""
—Margaret, referring to Marie, Persona 4 Golden

Hollow Forest is a dungeon exclusive to Persona 4 Golden, only available after completing the Aeon Social Link (Marie) before December 31st.


"The place that gave birth to those who answer the "desires" and "wishes for lies" of humans... was that it?"
—Naoto, Persona 4 Golden
The Hollow Forest is Marie's reality within the Midnight Channel, created when she enters the TV world after regaining her memories. The Investigation Team is first taken to the Hollow Forest on February 12 by Margaret, who explains that she has formed a unique path between the TV in the cottage storage shed and this world, after finally locating Marie's whereabouts. Margaret informs them that Marie has sealed herself into this dungeon for reasons unknown, and also explains that this world is currently on the verge of collapsing. Therefore, if the team does not save Marie quickly, she will disappear along with the Hollow Forest, and all memories of her will disappear from everyone's minds.

Hollow Forest takes an appearance similar to Yomotsu Hirasaka, as a world apparently shrouded in fog. However, there are bits and pieces of the real world seen throughout this dungeon, such as Junes signs and benches, along with haniwa and ancient Japanese artworks. This represents Marie's origin, as a spirit from ancient Japanese times, as well as her hidden desire to stay in the real world. Each of the Hollow Forest floors are named "Memories" - Memories of Parting (1F), Pain (2F), Grief (3F), Sorrow (4F), Love (5F), Suffering (6F), Anger (7F), Loneliness (8F), Invitation (9F) and Meeting (10F).

Unlike the other dungeons in the game, the Hollow Forest features several special restrictions while traversing the dungeon. First of all, the player is only allowed to use items that were found within the Hollow Forest. Secondly, only specific equipment may be used and most importantly, the party's SP will be halved after each fight. There is, however, special equipment that can be found within the dungeon in order to restore SP and to gain other beneficial effects.

It may also be noted that on the floors Memories of Parting (1F), Sorrow (4F) and Anger (7F), the player might encounter Shadows when breaking the "seals" to continue. Shadows may also appear from both regular chests and locked chests. Also, there are two "mini-bosses" that the player must face prior to the final boss, instead of the usual one.

After Marie is rescued, the dungeon begins to disappear as it no longer needs to fulfill its purpose. When the party escapes through the TV connected to the dungeon, its screen shatters.


Locked ChestsEdit

Item Floors Item Floors Item Floors Item Floors Item Floors
Fire Joue 2, 3, 4 Ice Joue 2, 3, 4 Lightning Joue 2, 3, 4 Wind Joue 2, 3, 4 Sorrow Stone 2
Fire Repel Joue 5, 6 ,7 Ice Repel Joue 5, 6 ,7 Elec Repel Joue 5, 6 ,7 Wind Repel Joue 5, 6 ,7 Love Stone 3, 4

Regular ChestsEdit

Item Armor Accessory
Sentou Seed Sentou Petal Sentou Fruit Fire Joue Ice Joue Parting Stone Pain Stone
Sacred Branch Revival Bead Chest Key Lightning Joue Ice Joue Grief Stone Sorrow Stone
Fire Bell Ice Bell Lightning Bell Fire Repel Joue Ice Repel Joue Love Stone Suffering Stone
Wind Bell Fire Breaker Ice Breaker Elec Repel Joue Wind Repel Joue Anger Stone
Lightning Breaker Wind Breaker

Shuffle Time PersonasEdit

Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana
70 Alilat Empress 65 Barong Emperor 68 Belial Devil
70 Hachiman Hierophant 66 Hell Biker Hanged Man 68 Horus Sun
67 Kartikeya Star 66 Melchizedek Justice 63 Siegfried Strength
68 Seth Moon 69 Surt Magician 65 Thor Chariot
70 Tzitzimitl Priestess 71 Vasuki Hanged Man 69 Yurlungur Temperance


Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Lying Hablerie 73 125 328 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark - - - - 1,2,4,5
Snowfall Musha 73 330 129 - Physical - - - 3-5,7-9
Praying Papillon 73 150 511 Elec, Wind - Fire, Ice - - 5,7,9
Stupendous Relic 73 50 485 Physical - Light, Dark Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind - 7,9
Spectral Raven 74 150 445 Elec, Wind, Light, Dark - - - - 1,2,4,5
Reverent Table 74 200 231 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Physical - - - 2,3,5,6
Superstitious Okina 74 400 519 Ice, Wind - - - - 4,5
Lawless Fuzz 74 400 344 Fire - - - Ice 6,7
Emaciated Garcy 74 500 629 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind - - - Dark 7,8
Praying Nyogo 75 175 256 Fire, Wind, Light, Dark - - - - 1,2,4-6
Wheeled Bambino 75 70 245 Ice, Elec, Light, Dark - - - - 1-3,5
Gauntlet Hand 75 600 354 Elec - - - - 4-6,8
Stone Panzer 75 300 666 Wind Physical - - Fire 6,7
Cursed Woman's Pot 75 55 400 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark - - Physical - *Note
Execution Sword 75 777 234 Light - Dark - Physical 8,9
Clear Sky Musha 75 1000 555 - - - - Light 8,9
Calm Machine 76 1000 310 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Physical - - - 1-3,5,7,9
Harmonious Giant 76 250 169 Physical - - - - 8
Indignant Machine 77 888 385 - Phys, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark - - 9
Isolated Hand P4G Trophy GraspingAtGreed 80 550 999 - Physical - Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark *Note


  • P4G Trophy GraspingAtGreed box denotes rare Shadow.
  • Cursed Woman's Pot appears from regular and Gold chests, and Isolated Hand only appears from Gold chests.


Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Gorgeous King 77 4000 575 Physical Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark - - 4
Heaven's Giant 77 3333 3333 - Physical Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark - - 7
Marie* 77 5000 - - Physical - - Light, Dark 10
Kusumi-no-Okami 77 8000 - - - - - Phys, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark 10
  • The battle with Marie ends roughly 3 turns after getting her down to roughly half health.
  • The battle with Kusumi-no-Okami follows right after Marie, once entering the battle with Kusumi-no-Okami, the party's health is not restored and SP will be halved.


Marie in Hollow Forest.
Hollow Forest Persona 4 Golden
Hollow Forest.
Hollow Forest Door
Party in front of a Hollow Forest door.
Hollow Forest P4G
Path to the boss.
Hollow Forest Fighting Shadows
Battlefield in the Hollow Forest.
Hollow Forest entrence seen in P4GA
Hollow Forest Entrance in Persona 4 The Golden Animation.
Hollow Forest seen in Persona 4 The Golden Animation
Hollow Forest end in Persona 4 The Golden Animation.


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