Kondo Hiroyuki is a minor antagonist in Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei.

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Personality Edit

Kondo is a meat-headed bully. He is portrayed as being violent and unintelligent.

Profile Edit

Kondo is part of the "normal" class of Jusho High School. He is first seen when he approaches Akemi Nakajima in a classroom and viciously beats him up. Kondo tells Nakajima that he's doing this because Kyoko Takamizawa, whom the former has a crush on, told Kondo that Nakajima had made advances on her. Kyoko watches Nakajima's beat-down with satisfied, cruel enjoyment, not telling Kondo that it was in fact she who had made advances on Nakajima initially.

Kondo and Kyoko's actions accelerated Nakajima's frustrations with life and with Jusho High, prompting him to create the Demon Summoning Program to take revenge on them.

After Loki puts most of the school's students in a trance and makes them murder Kyoko, they move on to Kondo. He puts up a fight, but is ultimately killed.

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