Hiroshi is a character from Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.



Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

A long-time veteran hunter and one of the oldest at 62. He was in love with the younger woman Noa, who was manipulated into being a test subject for the National Defense Divinities by Tamagami and possessed by him. In order to free her Hiroshi has spent years working with The Patriots and as a high ranked Hunter.

Nanashi first meets him at the Hunter Association in the Challenge Quest Investigate Tokyo Dome, where he asks to see the photo Nanashi took. He sees Noa in the pic while others do not and he apologizes before leaving. He is met again in the quest Defeat the Ghosts, where he chooses to work alone due to his dislike of the three scientists. He is wounded by the fifth Yomi Army Horde and unable to help when Noa, controlled by Tamagami's disembodied brain, appears.

He is overjoyed at finally saving Noa's desecrated body from Tamagami thanks to Nanashi, wishing to bury her in peace, though still in bad terms with the Patriots, who worked too closely to Tamagami. However, soon after, the corpse disappears. Alarmed, the Patriots summon Hiroshi and Nanashi, triggering the Challenge Quest Where the Corpse Went.

They explain Izanami is using Noa's corpse to enter Tokyo via Yomutsu Hirasaka, and beseech Hiroshi and Nanashi to stop the crazed deity. He acts as an outside ally in the battle, wishing to put Noa and Izanami to rest. Each turn he asks Nanashi what to do, and he can attack, heal, support, or wait. Attacking prevents Vengeful Curse and Smirks. Upon her defeat Hiroshi lands the killing blow. He finally puts aside his hatred of the Patriots as they die and hopes for a good future for Nanashi.

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