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Hikawa is a character from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

Hikawa is the Chief Technical Director of a large communications company called Cybers, and a high-ranking officer of the Cult of Gaea.

Hikawa was the one responsible for the occurrence of the Conception. After the emergence of the Vortex World, he organizes the Assembly of Nihilo, becoming one of the two major demonic forces. The Reason he desires was established from the very start, with most of the necessary elements prepared beforehand thanks to his meticulous planning.

His dream is a world of silence where the dangerous passion of man is neutralized and everyone is at one with the world: He calls this the Reason of Shijima.

Hikawa is a mysterious man who deliberately stays underneath the radar. He was able to hold a powerful position in a prominent communications company without exposing his true beliefs. After the Conception occurs, many believe it to have been the work of the ancient Assembly of Nihilo; no one suspects that all of it was single-handedly orchestrated by Hikawa.

In spite of his position within the Cult of Gaea, Hikawa was regarded as a heretic by the other Gaians. Both the Gaians and Messians attempted to stop Hikawa's plans but their efforts were for naught. Instead, they unwittingly became the sacrifices necessary to facilitate the Conception. All this was done with the assistance of demons and was scattered in a handful of places including Yoyogi Park and the Shinjuku Medical Center. The media reports it as a massacre linked to the Cult of Gaea, while an occult journalist named Jyoji Hijiri had an unconfirmed lead drawing the conclusion that the killings were committed by creatures that were "not of this world." Neither of these accounts were ever able to sufficiently determine Hikawa's involvement in the whole thing, though.

Hikawa is a man totally devoted to the Reason of Shijima and acts accordingly. Every move he makes is calm and calculated as he swiftly makes his way towards realizing his vision of a new world. True to his beliefs, he is utterly emotionless in his actions, using Yuko Takao as a mere pawn and destroying all resistance with no hesitation and minimal effort.

The only variable in his plan is the Demi-fiend; he is the only individual to which Hikawa shows any hint of emotion. The reason for this is that Hikawa knows what role the Demi-fiend has to play in the Conception. During their discourses, Hikawa openly expresses his disgust at the previous world and desires a future of silence.

The actions of the Demi-fiend will allow him to side with Hikawa and the Reason of Shijima, if he so chooses.

Reason of Shijima

Hikawa will accept the fact that he was merely the "baptist" of this world and acknowledges the protagonist as the true creator according to what was written in the Scripture Of Miroku. For his part, Hikawa can now sit back and watch contentedly as the world he envisioned will soon come into being.

Neutral Ending

Hikawa is shown on the giant screen at Shibuya with Hijiri watching. His fate is unknown.

Other Endings

After being cut down by the Demi-fiend, Hikawa concedes defeat and invites the Demi-fiend to reshape the world however he sees fit. He dies as calm as he lived, even accepting the cold stillness of death.


"Hikawa" means "glacier." It is also the name of the famous Hikawa Shrines in Japan.



  • In the documentary detailing the making of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Hikawa had a placeholder model similar to Demi-fiend's except had red hair and tanned skin.[1]
  • In Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE, Hikawa's hairstyle and clothing are promotional items for male characters. By wearing Hikawa's outfit, players gain access to an almighty spin skill called Great Cleanse.


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