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"Didn't I tell you that already? I'm interested in you guys."
—Hikaru, Shin Megami Tensei IV

Hikaru is a character in Shin Megami Tensei IV.



Hikaru is a high school student with with long dark hair. She is dressed in a blazer-style school uniform. She carries a teal bookbag over her right shoulder. Her eyes are red.


Hikaru is interested in the Samurai that have come to Tokyo and repeatedly mentions her desire to find out more about Flynn and his companions. She has a friendly and forward disposition to them.


Shin Megami Tensei IV[]

"As long as humans exist, beings such as myself, God, and the White will never truly disappear."

Hikaru is first seen when Flynn, Walter, Jonathan, and Isabeau first arrive at the South Entrance of the Shinjuku Station. The Samurai are surprised when they first meet her, as she is the only person roaming around the demon-ridden city without full battle gear like the Hunters. Hikaru asks them if they are the "angels" everyone has been talking about, and, depending on the choice made, either Flynn or Walter will affirm the statement. Hikaru suddenly points the Samurai in the direction of the Juraku Bookstore in Ikebukuro in their search for the Black Samurai. When asked how she knows so much, Hikaru simply tells them that she is "interested" in them. Walter quickly develops a crush on her following their conversation.

After the Black Samurai tells the party to look into the "True Evil" in the facility run by Tayama beneath Roppongi district, Walter quickly runs off to search for it and the Samurai find him talking to Hikaru by the fountain at the Ginza Station. Before the Samurai can approach him, he leaves, and Hikaru reveals that she directed him to Cafe Florida in Kabukicho, Shinjuku to have Fujiwara give him access to the facility. However, Hikaru realizes she had forgotten to give Walter a matchbox, the cafe's proof of membership, and hands it over to Flynn.

Once Flynn and the Samurai catch up with Walter at Cafe Florida, Hikaru is already inside talking with Fujiwara and Skins about the Samurai. Like Fujiwara and Skins, she hopes to move from Tokyo to Mikado. Talking to her after that event will have her say they're even more interesting than she realized, as they met Yuriko, Tayama, and Fujiwara and are still safe and sound. If Flynn visits Cafe Florida again after siding with Walter or Jonathan, Hikaru mentions that she must leave soon. She also states how she has known about Flynn's fate before he was even born, but she laughs it off as a joke, stating that Flynn would most likely not be able to keep a straight face if she was serious. By the time Flynn, Jonathan, and Walter return from Infernal Tokyo, Hikaru has ceased to exist and no one remembers who she is. If Flynn visits Cafe Florida in the Law and Chaos routes and asks Skins about her, Skins will act as though he had never met her and wonders if Flynn may be mistaking her for Isabeau.

Hikaru's true identity is Lucifer, having taken the form of a human girl due to his weakened state. After the White are defeated, Walter decides to sacrifice himself to Hikaru to allow Lucifer to return to his true form. If Flynn is aligned with Chaos, he will side with her after he and Walter find her in the Monochrome Forest.

During the Chaos ending, Lucifer reverts back into Hikaru once they have defeated Merkabah, as they no longer need the full power of the Demon Lord with the angels' defenses eliminated. They express delight upon emerging in the sunlight at Aquila Plaza Square, and suggests they visit the rooftop of Mikado Castle. It is implied that they inherited all of Walter's memories, as Lucifer recalls the rooftop scene near the beginning of the game with Flynn, Jonathan, and Walter. As they watch the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado burn, Lucifer notes that in this anarchic world of freedom, the humans are killing each other and what they secretly want is a new king to bring order... and asks if Flynn will rise to lead them.


Hikaru Design.jpg
Early Hikaru design
Hikaru's portrait when revealed to be Lucifer.


Hikaru, usually written with the Kanji 光 literally means "light", "gleam" or "to shine" in Japanese. Furthermore, it is also a rather common given name that can be used for either sex. This also inforces Hikaru's true role as Lucifer, as he was revered as the Morning Star.

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