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The Hierophant Arcana (法王, Houou)? or (教皇, Kyoukou)? is a recurring Arcana within the Persona series.

Overview[edit | edit source]

"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
It is indeed a precious gift to understand the forces that guides oneself..."
—Nyx Avatar, Persona 3

The Hierophant is a symbol of education, authority, conservatism, obedience to rules and relationship with the divine. The definition of a "hierophant" is a person who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles, and the term was originally used to name ancient Greek priests who did so. This Arcana's original name, however, is the Pope, the male counterpart of the Popess (Priestess in the series).

Gameplay-wise, the Personas of the Hierophant Arcana have no weaknesses, but no particular strengths as well. Hierophant mythological figures tend to mirror Priestess figures, being male priests, gods of wisdom or divine beings.

Characters of the Hierophant Arcana are often older than the protagonist, and are typically quite wise and logical. The most common connection between Hierophant characters, however, is their association (and obsession) with the past.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

List of Personas[edit | edit source]

Megami Ibunroku Persona[edit | edit source]

The protagonist can guarantee a fusion accident resulting in a Hierophant Arcana persona by starting from a "hard reset" (as in, not already mid-game and loading a save or selecting "Return to Title") and performing a White Fusion after taking exactly 1105 steps in an area where no enemies will attack, such as the Mikage Sun Mall.

The Hierophant Arcana is represented by Kei Nanjo. Nanjo is the only one to enjoy the benefit of having the Best affinity with the Hierophant Arcana.

Persona Level
PSP Revelations
Yama * Trickster 4
Aizen Myouou Voodoo 6 (Initial Persona of Kei Nanjo)
Shouki Shogi 17
Ogma Omah 25
Take-Mikazuchi Mephisto 39
Thor Thor 52
Fuhedi Mergane * Bucho 74
Indra * Endora 89

Persona 2[edit | edit source]

Innocent Sin[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Xuanzang 15
Umayadono-Ouji 23
Sakya * 29
Yama 38
Mithra 53
Varuna 59
Brahma * 67

Eternal Punishment[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Genjo 14
Aizen Myouou 20 (Initial Persona of Kei Nanjo)
Umayado no Ouji 23
Shaka * 29
Yama 39
Mithra 53
Varuna 67
Yamaoka * 75 (Ultimate Persona of Kei Nanjo)
Brahma * 82

Persona 3[edit | edit source]

The Hierophant Arcana Social Link is represented by the Book Store owners, an old couple by the names of Bunkichi and Mitsuko. The Social Link can be initiated in April 25th, when the Book Store re-opens. Furthermore, the protagonist must give the couple the Persimmon Leaf after hearing their curiosity regarding the Persimmon Tree in Gekkoukan High. Additionally, if the protagonist fails to rescue Bunkichi when he is trapped in Tartarus, the Hierophant Social Link will be forever lost.

The Hierophant Arcana powers up everytime the protagonist interacts with Bunkichi and Mitsuko, where he learns about their son,and their connection with the Persimmon Tree. Upon completing the Social Link, the Kitamura couple will give the protagonist the first fruit that grew on the Persimmon Tree, bestowing the ultimate form of the Hierophant Arcana, Kohryu, Guardian of Nature.

The Hierophant Arcana is also the Persona Arcana of Shinjiro Aragaki, a member of SEES, and his Persona, Castor.

Persona Level
Castor Persona of Shinjiro Aragaki
Omoikane 7
Berith 13
Flauros 23
Hokuto Seikun 31
Ananta 41
Daisoujou 53
Kohryu 61

FES / Portable[edit | edit source]

The Hierophant Arcana remains relatively the same as Persona 3, however, two exclusive Personas, Shiisaa and Thoth were added into the Hierophant Arcana repertoire, while Ananta was shifted to be a Persona of the Aeon Arcana.

In Persona 3 FES, apart from Shinjiro Aragaki, the Hierophant Arcana is also the Persona Arcana of Metis, an exclusive playable character in the playable epilogue, titled The Answer.

Persona Level
Castor Persona of Shinjiro Aragaki
Psyche Persona of Metis
Omoikane 7
Berith 13
Shiisaa 26
Flauros 33
Thoth 41
Hokuto Seikun 47
Daisoujou 53
Kohryu 66

Persona 4[edit | edit source]

The Hierophant Arcana Social Link is represented by Ryotaro Dojima, the uncle of the protagonist and his guardian. The Social Link is automatically created during the story, where Ryotaro Dojima has a family-talk with the protagonist for the first time. Unlike other Social Links, Ryotaro Dojima can only be interacted with once the protagonist clears one of the dungeons within the Midnight Channel and saves the victims, which allows Ryotaro Dojima to have time off. However, whenever Ryotaro Dojima is available, the protagonist will not be able to interact with Nanako Dojima and upgrade the Justice Arcana Social Link.

Through the protagonist's interaction with Ryotaro Dojima, he helps Dojima in understanding his daughter, Nanako Dojima's loneliness and the results of Dojima being a workaholic and helps him to mend his relationship with his daughter. Similar to the Justice Arcana, at some point of the Social Link it will require the protagonist's Expression characteristic parameters to reach certain levels before the Social Link is able to continue leveling up.

Completing the Social Link bestows the ultimate form of the Hierophant Arcana, Kohryu, the Almighty Guardian.

Persona Level
Omoikane 7
Anzu 15
Shiisa 21
Unicorn 29
Flauros 36
Hokuto Seikun 45
Cerberus 52
Daisoujou 60
Hachiman 70
Kohryu 76

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Castor Shinjiro Aragaki's Persona
Anzu 3
Shiisaa 18
Unicorn 28
Gozuki 33
Flauros 41
Mishaguji 52
Daisoujou 60
Hachiman 68
Kohryu 73

Persona 5[edit | edit source]

The Hierophant Arcana is represented by the Confidant with Sojiro Sakura, the protagonist's legal guardian during his probation. It ranks up as the protagonist interacts with him. This Confidant unlocks the ability to brew coffee and make curry which are used as SP recovery items to use in a Palace.

Throughout his Confidant, the protagonist helps Sojiro become closer to his adopted daughter Futaba Sakura, as well as overcome his personal guilt about Futaba's late mother Wakaba who he also knew. At some point, the protagonist must have their Kindness at max in order to proceed with the Confidant.

Completing the Hierophant Arcana Confidant will bestow the ultimate form of the Arcana, Kohryu.

Persona Level
Berith 9
Orobas 17
Phoenix 22
Anzu 25
Unicorn 39
Daisoujou 42
Forneus 63
Bishamonten 67
Kohryu 76*

Royal[edit | edit source]

In Persona 5 Royal, Hierophant Arcana's Persona list has been altered, with the removal of Phoenix and Unicorn to the Faith Arcana, and Forneus to Magician Arcana, alongside the addition of Mishaguji.

Persona Level
Berith 9
Orobas 17
Anzu 25
Daisoujou 40
Mishaguji 52
Bishamonten 67
Kohryu 76*

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Castor Shinjiro Aragaki's Persona
Halphas 5
Shiisaa 13
Koppa Tengu 21
Unicorn 28
Dantalion 36
Cherub 43
Mishaguji 52
Daisoujou 60
Kohryu 68
Kresnik ° 72
Baal Zebul 76

Persona 5 Strikers[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Berith 15
Unicorn 38
Forneus 60

List of Demons[edit | edit source]

Persona 2[edit | edit source]

Innocent Sin[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Sakya 29

Eternal Punishment[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Shaka 29
Metal Guru 89

List of Shadows[edit | edit source]

Persona Level
Dependent Basalt 36
Rainy Sister 2 89

Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Media
Kei Nanjo Megami Ibunroku Persona
Kazumi Kiba Persona: Tsumi to Batsu
Rinne Persona: Tsumi to Batsu
Shinjiro Aragaki Persona 3
Bunkichi and Mitsuko Persona 3
Metis Persona 3 FES
Ryotaro Dojima Persona 4
Sojiro Sakura Persona 5

Card Designs[edit | edit source]

Major Arcana
0. Fool Arcana - I. Magician Arcana - 1(E). Councillor Arcana - II. Priestess Arcana - III. Empress Arcana - IV. Emperor Arcana - V. Hierophant Arcana - V(T). Apostle Arcana- VI. Lovers Arcana - VII. Chariot Arcana - VIII. Strength Arcana/Justice Arcana - IX. Hermit Arcana - X. Fortune Arcana - XI. Justice Arcana/Strength Arcana - XI(T). Hunger Arcana - XII. Hanged Man Arcana - XIII. Death Arcana - XIV. Temperance Arcana - XV. Devil Arcana - XVI. Tower Arcana - XVII. Star Arcana - XVIII. Moon Arcana - XIX. Sun Arcana - XX. Judgement Arcana - XX(T). Aeon Arcana - XXI. World Arcana - XXI(T). Universe Arcana - (VS) Faith Arcana - (VS) Hope Arcana
Minor Arcana
Suit of Coins - Suit of Cups - Suit of Swords - Suit of Wands
Shadow Arcana
I. Arcana Magician - II. Arcana Priestess - III. Arcana Empress - IV. Arcana Emperor - V. Arcana Hierophant - VI. Arcana Lovers - VII. Arcana Chariot - VIII. Arcana Justice - IX. Arcana Hermit - X. Arcana Fortune - XI. Arcana Strength - XII. Arcana Hanged Man - XIII. Death
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