Hermod (ヘルモーズ, Herumōzu)?, also known as Hermóðr, is a Persona in the series.

History[edit | edit source]

Hermod (Old Norse: Hermóðr) is the messenger of the gods in Norse mythology, son of Odin and Frigg. Hermod volunteered to travel to Hel and plead to Hel herself for Baldur's return. He saw Balder and he begged Hel to release him, because Baldur was loved by all so no-one could miss him. Hel was skeptical and agreed to release Balder on the condition that everything, dead or alive, should weep for Baldur. If only one thing should not cry, then she would keep Balder in the realm of the dead. Hermod returned to the land of the living and told the gods what Hel's terms were. After hearing the terms, every single being started to cry, except for one giantess, who reportedly said "Let Hel keep what she has! The son of Odin is no use to me." Therefore leaving Balder in Hel till Ragnarok.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Persona -trinity soul-[edit | edit source]

Hermod is Taiichi Udo's Persona. As Udo does not engage in battle often, he isn't seen fighting much. He is eventually severed from Udo by Shin Kanzato's Abel.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Megami Ibunroku Persona[edit | edit source]

Hermod P1.png
Arcana Type Subtype Level SP cost Returns °
Magician Element Curse 35 23 Vidar's Shoes
MAtk MDef
Strength 26
Vitality 19
Dexterity 32
Agility 38
Luck 15
135 100
Affinity Ayase
1h 2h Sp Ax Wp Th Ar Fs HG MG SG Ri Te Ru
- - - 1.5× - -
Fi Ic Wi Er El Nc Bl Gr Ex Mi De Cu Nr ???
24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 - - Dr 24 14
List of Skills
Rank Skill Effect
1 Magaru Light Wind damage (all foes)
3 Garula Medium Wind damage (1 foe)
4 Magarula Medium Wind damage (all foes)
7 Tackle Medium Rush damage (1 foe)
8 Infinite Spiral Medium Whip damage (area)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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