"I am Helios... Bearing the ancient sun, I am the one who violates the night! I shall become your loyal chariot!!"
—Helios, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Helios is a Persona in the series.


In Greek mythology, Helios is the Titan of the Sun and is the one that drives the chariot of the sun. He is the son of the Titans Hyperion and Theia.



Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Helios is a satellite under the control of Satan, who seeks to use it to cleanse Megalopolis of its corruption by firing it and destroying the city. He succeeds in the Light-Law route, where Karen is temporarily erased until the party defeats Satan in Amnesia's Eden and prevents it from firing.

Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit


Helios is Katsuya Suou's initial Persona. He is summoned for the first time after JOKER attacks Katsuya in the Seven Sisters High School. Katsuya is initially dispirited by Helios's appearance, because he likes cats but is allergic to them.


Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

I am Helios... Bearing the ancient sun, I am the one who violates the night!
I shall become your loyal chariot!
Arcana Type Level SP cost Bonus Returns °
Justice Fire 1 5 STR +1 STR Incense
Exclusive to Katsuya Traits Bluff, Wise
Sun god in Greek mythology. Rides a golden-wheeled sun chariot.
Atk Def Matk Mdef
Strength 4
Vitality 3
Technique 3
Agility 2
Luck 3
13 10 6 8
Sw Sh Sk Th Ak Fi Wt Wi Er Ic Ln Nc Ho Dk Al Nr Mn
- - - - - Nu 1.5× - - - - - 24 24 - 24 24
List of Skills
Rank Skill Effect
1 Agi Inflicts small Fire damage to an enemy.
2 Single Shot Inflicts small Shot damage to an enemy.
4 Patra Recovers a character from Sleep and Illusion.
5 Scratch Inflicts small Strike damage to an enemy.
8 Maha Agi Inflicts small Fire damage to a group of enemies.
Mutation Zio Small Lightning damage + Electrified effect to an enemy. (50% chance)
Unknown Power
Recovery Type Fully recovers HP (or removes ailment in addition).


Helios Satellite as it appears in Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis.
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 04
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