"Hm...? This Persona seems to be holding something within itself... ...Things such as this occur every now and then. Go ahead and raise this Persona. In time, it will produce a special piece of equipment."
—Igor, Persona 3 Portable

Heart Icon P3 Heart Items are a special game mechanic in Persona 3.



In Persona 3, certain Personas are able to create a special Heart Item. During the fusion process, there is a random chance Igor will inform the protagonist that a Persona is bearing an item, which is indicated by a Heart Icon P3 Heart icon next to its name in the Persona menu screen. Personas gained from Shuffle Time cannot produce Heart Items. On days before the full-moon, Personas with a Heart Item have a higher chance of being fused.

The Heart Item is obtained at the same level that the Persona learns its final Skill. The "Item Bearing" message will appear letting the protagonist know that an item has been added to their inventory. A Persona can only create one item (Messiah being the lone exception), but it is possible to register the Persona in the Compendium and purchase it again later in order to obtain multiple copies of the item.

List of Heart ItemsEdit

Base LV Persona Item Effect
73 Masakado Masakado's Hair Grants Premonition passive
87 Metatron Book of Enoch Grants Angelic Grace passive
86 Chi You Barbaric Bracers Grants Evade Phys and Evade Magic passives
84 Alilat Divine Pillar Grants Resist Phys and Resist Magic passives
(but unable to Dodge attacks)
58 Chernobog Black God's Rock Grants Null Slash passive
66 Kohryu Kohryu's Scale Grants Null Strike passive
67 Seiten Taisei Mystic Rock Grants Null Pierce passive
52 Surt Blazing Flame Grants Null Fire passive
69 Gabriel Frozen Stone Grants Null Ice passive
53 Thor Lightning Gloves Grants Null Elec passive
55 Jatayu Storm Ring Grants Null Wind passive
59 Melchizidek Radiant Halo Grants Null Light passive
64 Thanatos Ring of Darkness Grants Null Dark passive
08 Jack Frost Frost Cap Grants Null Freeze passive
21 Take-Minakata /
Lightning Armlet Grants Null Shock passive
20 Narcissus Narcissus Flower Grants Null Charm passive
33 Flauros Staunch Anklets Grants Null Distress passive
22 Legion Unbreakable Cage Grants Null Panic passive
26 Yamatano-orochi Serpent's Eye Grants Null Fear passive
17 Fortuna Ring of Serenity Grants Null Rage passive
11 Unicorn Alicorn Grants Null Poison passive
68 Abaddon Tome of the Void Grants Unshaken Will passive
82 Shiva Rudra Ring Grants Arms Master passive
78 Vishnu Chakra Ring Grants Spell Master passive
57 Odin Draupnir Grants Divine Grace passive
23 Titan Spirit Bracers Grants Endure passive
14 Pyro Jack Indigo Cape Grants Fast Retreat passive
90 Messiah Omnipotent Orb*

Armor of Light
Aigis Armor v.0 (Soul of Athena - FES and P3P)
Aura Dog Suit
Shoes of Light
Aigis Legs v.0 (Swan Legs - FES and P3P)
Aigis Armor v.8
Aigis Legs v.8

Null All (except Almighty)

(Human Ultimate Armor) 170 DF, +Resist Magic (high) or +Resist Phys (high)
(Aigis Ultimate Armor) 160 DF
(Koromaru Ultimate Armor) - 160 DF, +Random (Replaced with +2 to all stats - P3P)
(Human Ultimate Legwear) - 140 EV, +Evade Magic (high) or +Evade Phys (high) (Changed to +Evade Phys (high) - P3P)
(Aigis Ultimate Legwear) - 100 EV, +Random (No ability in P3P)
(Aigis Ultimate Armor | The Answer only)
(Aigis Ultimate Legwear | The Answer only)

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