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Hayataro is a demon first appearing in Shin Megami Tensei V.


Hayatarō (早太郎) is a figure in the Hayatarō Legend. Around "700 years ago", at the temple of Kōzen-ji, a wild mountain dog gave birth to 3 pups, one of them being the main figure of the story. The priest took care of them, and when the mother decided to return to the wilderness, out of gratitude, she left one of her children to be a guardian of the temple. Soon enough, a village child was attacked by a wild animal, with the same dog rushing to his aid. It was then named "Hayatarō", which roughly means "Fast and Brave."

Later on, Hayatarō would eradicate three bakemono, old huge monkey yōkai that would force Mitsuke of neighboring Tōtōmi Province to participate in a custom every year and make a human sacrifice of one child, assumed to be gods, but once a monk found out about their identities, and them specifically evading Hayatarō, he asked a traveler Rokubu[1] to look for that individual, years later finding the priest, who let him borrow Hayatarō after hearing his tale. The dog would be put in the next child sacrifice's place, luring the yōkai into battle.

Despite killing the monsters, after the battle, Hayatarō was badly injured, and returning home, he passed away in front of the priest. A grave was made for the dog next to the temple's main hall, which still remains in modern days.


Hayataro is summoned by Yuzuru Atsuta via the Demon Summoning Program.

Hayataro has various supposedly signature skills, one roughly translating to "Look at Me" (某を見よ, Soregashi wo Miyo)?, which draws enemies' attention towards the user, and boosts his own Hit/Evasion rate.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Flag of the United States English Hayataro
Flag of Japan Japanese ハヤタロウ (Hayatarou)
Flag of South Korea Korean 하야타로 (Hayatalo)
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China.svg Traditional Chinese 早太郎 (Zǎo tàiláng)


  • In the Japanese version, Hayataro uses the archaic first-person pronoun "Soregashi" (某*)?, used formerly by samurai.
  • In an interview with Masayuki Doi, Hayataro was supposed to be the first demon that the protagonist meets and recruits in the game. The staff ambitiously dreamed about maybe even having the protagonist ride Hayataro's back "as a partner-in-crime," but the idea was scrapped due to the technical circumstances and the demon's role as a one-off character.[2]
  • In the same interview with Doi, Hayataro was selected for an untold purpose that wasn't realized in the final game, due to story changes and his shifting roles within them. Although Doi stated that this purpose would be something he believed many people would be surprised to hear about, so he kept it secret for the time being.[2]