"The horrific creature that lives in your soul"
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on Hastur

Hastur is a Persona in the series.

History[edit | edit source]

While Hastur is best known as part of the Cthulhu Mythos, he was originally created by Ambrose Bierce in the short story "Haita The Shepherd." He later appeared in one work by HP Lovecraft, but is best known for his role in August Derleth's stories. Hastur is the half-brother of Cthulhu.

He is also known in other names:

  • The Feaster from Afar, a black, shriveled, flying monstrosity with tentacles tipped with razor-sharp talons that can pierce a victim's skull and siphon out the brain
  • The King in Yellow
  • He Who Is Not To Be Named as saying Hastur's name three times in a row (Hastur Hastur Hastur) brings the chanter death.

The King In Yellow is also the title of a fictional stage play within the Cthulhu Mythos, where Hastur is mentioned, as well as a real-life short story collection in which the stage play appears several times. Hastur's Material Card features the cover of this book.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment[edit | edit source]

"One of the gods who appear in the Cthulhu Mythos, known as "The Unspeakable." He is the chief of the gods of the winds and the universe, and lives on the star Celaeno, located in the Hyades star cluster. There are many accounts on Hastur's appearance, but the most common one is that he has a body covered with black scales, boneless arms, and a fish-like head. Hastur has many powers, including possessing human corpses and flying freely in outer space. He is Cthulhu's half-brother."
—Persona World

Hastur appears as a Persona in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. This is a secret persona whose material card, The King in Yellow, cannot be acquired by normal means. The game itself does not provide information about its existence. To get it, the party must talk to the Wang Long-obsessed girl in 2X Slash, located in Aoba, and say "HASTURCOMEFORTH" (イアイアハスタア, Ia Ia Hasutā)? as their birth month when prompted. After that, Hastur's material card will be found in a package by Maya Amano's desk, in Kismet Publishing.

Persona 5 Royal[edit | edit source]

"An evil god of the Cthulhu Mythos and one of the eldritch deities known as Great Old Ones. It wields great power over wind. Also called "The Unspeakable" and "The King in Yellow.""
Persona 5 Royal Background

Hastur is the eighth Persona of the Star Arcana, and can either be found within Maruki's Palace or otherwise available to be fused after 1/12. As a Shadow, it is known as "Warped Abyss". One appears as Takuto Maruki's right hand in the palace's first investigation, and attacks the protagonist and Goro Akechi to stop them from taking Sumire Yoshizawa back from Maruki. Proper encounters with this Shadow will occur after the Monitoring Room.

Hastur is the only Persona to learn Abyssal Eye, an Almighty Attack that does Severe damage to all foes. This skill is exclusive to it and cannot be transferred to other Personas. When Itemized by Electric Chair execution, Hastur offers the Spiral Gale Ring accessory, which allows whoever wears it the ability to cast Magarudyne.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment[edit | edit source]

Ia, Ia, Hastur‼ Hastur kufayak‼ Bulgtom fugtragurn bulgtom. Ai, ai, Hastur‼
Arcana Type Level SP cost Bonus Returns °
Tower Water 62 39 VIT +1 ALL Incense
Traits Fool Ptalk Biyarky
Former ruler in the Cthulhu legends.
Atk Def Matk Mdef
Strength 46
Vitality 60
Technique 64
Agility 48
Luck 41
200 242 177 190
Sw Sh Sk Th Ak Fi Wt Wi Er Ic Ln Nc Ho Dk Al Nr Mn
Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf Rf
Summon Information
Material Card King in Yellow Card Tarot Cards 248 Tower Cards
List of Skills
Rank Skill Effect
1 Stagnant Air Inflicts small Dark damage to all enemies.
2 Curse Inflicts medium Dark damage to all enemies.
3 Mudoonn Renders all enemies Unconscious. (48% chance) [Dark-element]
5 Trial of Darkness Large Dark damage + Unconscious effect to all enemies. (50% chance)
7 Omega Cluster Renders enemies Unconscious, starting with the weakest. * [Dark-element]
8 Aquary Tide Inflicts huge Water damage to all enemies.
Mutation Chaos Element Inflicts damage (depends on the level of the caster) to all enemies. *
Unknown Power
Attack Type Deals 500 or 250 non-elemental damage to all enemies.

Persona 5 Royal[edit | edit source]

Arcana Level HP SP Type
Strength 78
Magic 99
Endurance 58
Agility 57
Luck 54
Star 84 1294
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
- - Resist - - Drain Block - - - -
EXP Yen Material Drop Skill Card
4500 2300 - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Concentrate Next magical attack inflicts 2.5x damage for user.
Abyssal Eye Severe Almighty damage to all foes.
Evade Phys Triple evasion rate against Physical attacks.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 35
Magic 48
Endurance 30
Agility 41
Luck 41
Star 78 2200
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
- - - - - Reflect Drain - - - -
EXP Yen Material Drop Skill Card
0 0 - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Megidolaon Severe Almighty damage to all foes.
Death Scythe Severe Physical damage and inflict Fear (med odds) to 1 foe.
Bloodbath Heavy Physical damage and inflict Fear (low odds) to all foes.
Evil Touch Inflict Fear (high odds) 1 foe.
Vacuum Wave Severe Wind damage to all foes.
Concentrate Next magical attack inflicts 2.5x damage for user.
Abyssal Eye Severe Almighty damage to all foes.
Diarahan Fully restore HP of 1 ally.

Arcana Level
Strength 51
Magic 59
Endurance 52
Agility 56
Luck 41
Star 84
Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak
Wind - Wind Psy, Curse Fire -
Persona Trait Gluttonmouth: Increase amount of HP restored to self by 50%.
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Debilitate 30 SP Decrease Attack/Defense/Agility of 1 foe for 3 turns. Innate
Vacuum Wave 48 SP Severe Wind damage to all foes. Innate
Nocturnal Flash 8 SP Inflict Dizzy (med odds) to all foes. Innate
Abyssal Eye 50 SP Severe Almighty damage to all foes. 86
Wind Amp Passive Strengthen Wind attacks by 50%. 87
Spirit Drain 3 SP Drain SP from 1 foe. Almighty-type. 88
Repel Wind Passive Repel Wind attacks. 89

Battle Quotes[edit | edit source]

Persona 5 Royal[edit | edit source]

These quotes are only used by the boss variant encountered on the 2nd of January. The regular enemy version encountered further into Maruki's Palace use the same dialogue as other male enemy Shadows.

  • "Stubborn imbeciles, rejecting our lord..." (Start of battle)
  • "Come!"
  • "Kneel..."
  • "How's this?"
  • "Fear me!" (Using Evil Touch)
  • "Know my power." (Using Bloodbath)
  • "No mercy!" (Using Abyssal Eye)
  • "Soon..." (Party member at low HP)
  • "Feh..." (Party member dodges)
  • "Fools!" (Hastur dodges)
  • "What!?" (Inflicted with debuff)
  • "You insect." (Inflicted with debuff)
  • "Know and submit." (Randomly, at start of party member's turn)
  • "No... Such pathetic attempts won't be enough!" (After reduced to low HP)
  • "Accept his mercy... Give yourselves over to him!" (Before battle ends)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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