Haruka Kanzato is a character in Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Haruka is the mother of the Kanzato family and the wife of Shigeru Kanzato. She appears to have been a loving mother and fairly perceptive, picking up on Eiko Nikaido's crush on Ryo Kanzato very quickly. She gave Yuki Kanzato the whale feather charm that Jun Kanzato still wears.

In the past, she was a scientist, working alongside Keisuke Komatsubara in his studies on Persona. However, as his experiments became more extreme and Ayane Komatsubara passed away, she and Shigeru decided they could no longer work with him. They resigned from their positions on his team and instead worked on children's books with Haruka as the artist. Their major work is the Whale's Feather picture book that reappears frequently in the series.

However, they were still troubled by their past. While Haruka and Shigeru explained that they intended to come forward about their part in the experiments, Ayane reappeared to take revenge on them. Her last works were a request to Ryo to take care of his siblings.


Haruka Fall
Haruka watches Ayane's fall
Haruka Paint
Haruka painting
Haruka Yuki
Haruka with Yuki
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