Harley, also known as Harley Q, is a character seen in the Digital Devil Saga duology.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Digital Devil Saga 1[edit | edit source]

Harley is the leader of the tribe known as the Vanguards, wielding a fast-shooting, repeating crossbow loaded with explosive arrows.

He was present at Ground Zero, where he ordered the Embryon forces to remove a mysterious object from neutral territory. The object exploded, activating the Atma inside both Embryon and Vanguard soldiers, causing them to transform into their demonic Atma Avatars. The Embryon forces massacred and consumed the Vanguard soldiers, and Harley fled the scene.

While inside his base in Svadhisthana, when being confronted by Embryon personnel, Harley's emotions awakened, and he developed a paranoid, hysterical fear of being eaten. He fled into Svadhisthana's depths in an attempt to survive, even offering the Vanguards' territory and personnel to the Embryon in exchange for being left alone.

A team consisting of Serph, Argilla and Heat hunted down Harley, looking for information. Heat threatened Harley, demanding information about Sera. When Harley said he doesn't know anything, Heat threw him into a wall. Harley then decided that his only way of surviving is to consume others, so he transformed into Hayagriva. Harley was then killed by his three enemies.

Digital Devil Saga 2[edit | edit source]

Much later, his Solar Data was confronted in the Sun, still stuck reliving his last moments in the Junkyard.

Quantum Devil Saga[edit | edit source]

Known as Harley Q and is still the leader of the Vanguards. Like in the game, his group is facing off against the Embryon at the beginning of the story. He is noted to favor cautious guerrilla tactics.

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