Hakke Ray is a playable character in Maken X.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Design[edit | edit source]

Hakke Ray appears to be an elderly man dressed in a brown, sleeveless robe. There is a headless torso of a mechanical "angel" behind him, which covers his eyes with its hands. The angel's "wings" are comprised of coffin-shaped metallic plates that link to each other, with every one of them containing a different Roman numeral. During a brief cutscene, his eyes can temporarily be seen; they are colored completely red.

Profile[edit | edit source]

"A Hakke and Messianic Archbishop. He is being considered for the role of the next Pope. Although he is a model of faith and eagerly converts non-believers, he has started to have doubts about God’s existence. Out of anguish of such doubts, the Archbishop bought drugs from Malukala. But hearing Mr. Meteor's preaching about a new and improved world, he voluntarily converted himself to be a Hakke. The Archbishop recommended the believers to commit suicide to go to heaven. Many believers, mesmerized by his preaching, thus killed themselves. As a result, suicide has increased and world population has decreased."
Maken Shao profile

He first appears in a cutscene during the start of the Maken's travels through Europe. He is seen preaching for his followers to commit suicide through the TV, before J.J. Jones shuts it down, commenting that religion is ridiculous, however acknowledging that the population of the world is steadily decreasing, before discussing about Adam and Eve with Anne Miller.

He appears again much later in the game after Malukala is defeated and Brainjacked. The Vatican City stage will light up, indicating that a new event can happen in the confessional. Should the Maken enter the confessional as Malukala, the Maken will extract Malukala's information to input a secret password, which will reveal a hidden path as the confessional opens. This path leads to the deeper part of the cathedral, where Ray awaits.

Encountering the Maken, Ray laments on the fact that Malukala has been defeated and tells the Maken of the injustice in the world, using Joan of Arc's martyrdom as an example. He then proceeds to fight the Maken, but is defeated, leaving him open for Brainjacking.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 7
EX Special Jeanne Garde
Life 5
Power 6
Speed 4
Jump High
"Excellent in defensive performance and bulletproof."
— Characteristics

Hakke Ray is excellent as a defensive character and is arguably the best at it in the entire game. Despite having the least Life when compared to his fellow Hakke, this is made up for with his all-directional, bulletproof guard. Furthermore, his EX Special, Pucelle's Blessing, heals him for at least 2 Life icons, making him the only character in the entire game who can heal themself without the use of an item, thus making him very self-sufficient. His attacks are all medium and wide ranged, making him suitable against multiple enemies.

His respectable base Power of 7, combined with his mid-air diving attack, Angel's Kiss, can deal massive damage should it hit multiple times, making him capable taking down tougher enemies as well. While his EX Special does heal him, it takes up his entire MP bar per use and leaves him defenseless for a while, thus its not recommended to be used during combat as he'll be left open for punishment and won't be able to heal himself until his MP bar has regenerated.

His battle can be difficult if the player uses Malukala. While Malukala is required to access Ray's room, he is not required to face him; the player can leave the Vatican City through a different route and return with a better suited, faster character like Badelaire, as the confessional will be left open. During his fight, Ray will start on the ground to face the player. He may occasionally use a grounded version of his Tiforge Feast to prevent the player from attacking him from any direction; otherwise he will attack the player normally with Death Scythe and Death Scythe end.

When he sustains enough damage, Ray will fly out of the player's reach and send two Messianic Believers to fight in his stead for a while. After they are defeated, Ray will fly to the corners of the arena before swooping down with his Angel's Kiss. If not blocked or dodged, this attack can damage the player for 2 Life icons. To add to the difficulty, Ray will usually fly very high or above the player to lose the player's lock on him. As his Angel's Kiss is wide ranged, only a fast character can dodge this (and attack Ray before he get's in the air again); otherwise, a slow character like Malukala should stay in the corners of the arena and guard, thus leaving his back protected. After a while, Ray will stop this phase of attacks and confront the player on the ground, repeating the cycle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is the only Hakke to join Mr. Meteor voluntarily. The other Hakke are often taken advantage of or are forcibly submitted to Mr. Meteor's control. They all, however, agree with Mr. Meteor's ideals.
  • Hakke Ray could be based on Gilles de Rais, as he was Joan of Arc's companion-in-arms and Hakke Ray expresses sympathy towards her. His reaper motif may also be a reference to the fact that Gilles de Rais was a well-known serial killer.
  • In Maken X, his boss fight in the US version is heavily censored.
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