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Hakke Marguerite is a playable character in Maken X.



Marguerite appears as a short-haired woman wearing a military officer uniform with several sections of exposed skin resembling a skeleton and a red arm band with a swastika. She possesses an advanced black mechanical left arm that acts as a prosthetic. She is also seen wearing bladed knee-high boots and a metal neck brace with bladed protrusions. She is married to Samuel Smith.


Maken Shao

"A HAKKE and wife of Samuel Smith, leader of ECAP (European Union). She started to have doubts about her husband due to several rumors. Though married, she loved another man. Ramrod. Hating herself, she had a severe depression. Soon she was converted to HAKKE by Mr. Meteor, who plans to destroy Europe and decrease the population. Marguerite spread the news that her husband, the former party leader, died in an accident. But in fact, by imprisoning him, she became the leader of ECAP. She continued to convert the party members one after another and organized terrorist groups."
—Hakke Marguerite's profile in Maken Shao


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 5
EX Special Energy Ball Fire
Life 5
Power 4
Speed 10
Jump Low



  • Marguerite's uniform is edited in the Western edition of Maken X and all versions of Maken Shao, with the swastikas replaced with the kanji 無 (mu).
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