Hakke Dal (Hakke Daru) is a playable character from Maken X.


  • Maken X: Minor Antagonist, Playable Character
  • Maken Shao: Minor Antagonist, Playable Character


  • Clan: Hakke
  • Family: Bianca (daughter)


"A Hakke and a scientist awarded the Nobel Prize for medical physiology because of his discoveries and theorization on cures for certain infectious diseases. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the cure for a certain infectious disease. Later he found that the cure would cause another disease. Scared of the possible revelation, he moved to Transylvania and is living with his daughter. He was converted to become a Hakke by Mr. Meteor, who plans to destroy Europe and decrease the population. He produced the petrifying illness virus from his cure. Then he spread the virus all over Europe. As it was very contagious, the number of the infected seemed to reach tens of millions."
—Hakke Dal's profile in Maken Shao


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 5
EX Special Urad Virus
Life 7
Power 5
Speed 4
Jump Low


  • Dal's name and character are most likely to be derived from the stereotypical Dracula due to the bat-like nature of his appearance and setting within Transylvania.
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