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Hades is a location in the series.



Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit


The red square marks the entrance to Hades

The Underworld is a secret dungeon in Megami Tensei, reached by going to a specific location in the north-central area of Valhalla B1F with Cerberus in the player's stock; without Cerberus, the room only contains a description that it reeks of death, but if he is present, a man asks Nakajima if he would like to go to the Underworld. The COMP cannot be used in the Underworld, however the Mappara spell still works. Unless the Trastart spell is used to leave, Cerberus will leave the party when the exit is reached, saying he must ensure the dead cannot leave.

In MTII, there are rooms with the description "A stagnant air is flowing here," found in Bael's Castle 2F, Shinjuku Underground, and the Lost Forest. If Bael was killed as a frog, stepping into one of these rooms will transport the party to the Underworld, where strong enemies are located. Unlike in MT, the COMP can be used here without problem. In each section, there is a square where a Green Slime can be encountered; there is a 1/32 chance that, instead of encountering a Slime, one of the hidden Deities will be encountered - Artemis in the Bael's Castle section, Leto in the Shinjuku Underground section, and Apollo in the Lost Woods section. If all 3 are obtained, they can be fused together into Zeus regardless of the Hero's level.


Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

Megami TenseiEdit

Demon Race Level
Chatterskull Spirit 33
Mummy Spirit 30
Skeleton Spirit 12
Yomotsu-Shikome Jirae 11
Ghoul Spirit 10
Ghost Spirit 8
Will O' Wisp (Red) Foul 7
Will O' Wisp (Blue) Foul 4
Zombie Spirit 3

Megami Tensei IIEdit

Demon Race Level
Green Slime * Foul 1
Tiamat Kaijuu 72
Geryon Vile 70
Rangda Femme 70
Tamamo no Mae Femme 64
Bai Long Beast 64
Wand Knight Yoma 59

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