Guardians (鬼神族, Kishin-zoku, lit. "Fierce God Tribe"), also known as Evil or Icon in Digital Devil Saga series, is one of various Species in Megami Tensei Universe. Fierce Gods/Guardians are deities from various pantheons that are associated with huge woes, like war, death, and chaos. Generally they have opposite alignments (Like Light-Chaos, or Dark-Law).


Race Japanese Meaning Alignment
Tenma 天魔 Heavenly Demon Light-Chaos
Fury 破壊神 Destruction God Light-Chaos
Kishin 鬼神 Fierce God Light-Chaos
Lady 地母神 Mother Goddess Light-Chaos
Vile 邪神 Wicked God Dark-Law
Reaper 死神 Death God Dark-Neutral
Wargod 軍神 God of War Light-Law
Kunitsu 国津神 Nation Ruler God Light-Chaos / Dark-Neutral
Zealot 狂神 Mad God Light-Chaos or Dark-Neutral
Entity 威霊 Spiritual Authority Various. Most are Light-Neutral
Shinshou 神将 Godly General Light-Neutral
Tenjin 天神 Heavenly God Light-Law

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