Group Date Cafe is the second Labyrinth in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


The area is covered in typically romantic imagery with a heavy emphasis on pink decor, with a darker atmosphere marked with chains further in. As the player progresses, they are given a series of questions that are said to lead them to their fated partner and at the end, their chosen protagonist is paired with a member of the cast, regardless of gender, species, and including Velvet Room inhabitants before being brought to face the boss.

Unlike the other labyrinths, the setting is loosely based on Rei's wishes to find her "white knight" one day after reading a story book about it. The reason why it took the look of a Group Date Cafe was because of her meeting and having fun with SEES and the Investigation Team before they entered the labyrinth.


Power SpotsEdit

  • Floor 1
    • Dried Amaryllis
    • Dried Rose
    • Dried Orchid
  • Floor 2
    • Chipped Candle
    • Chipped Choker
    • Chipped Necklace
  • Floor 3
    • Cracked Tiara
    • Cracked Earring
    • Cracked Heels
  • Floor 4
    • Ripped Veil
    • Ripped Shawl
    • Ripped Dress

100% Map Completion ChestsEdit

  • Floor 1: Lightning Gloves
  • Floor 2: Frozen Stone
  • Floor 3: Storm Ring
  • Floor 4: Blazing Flame


Dropped by normal shadows:Edit

Stops 1-3Edit

Stop 4Edit

Sub-personas dropped by F.O.E.s:Edit

Messenger of Love:Edit
Angel of Love:Edit
Beast of Lust:Edit
Engage King:Edit


  • White boxes indicate Rare Shadows.
  • Dark Purple boxes indicate FOEs.
  • Purple boxes indicate Bosses.
Shadow Weak Resist Block Absorb Floor Drops
Possessive Cupid Wind, Dark - - -Stop 1
Stop 2
Angel Piece
Angel Arrow
Autonomic Basalt Elec, Light - - -Stop 1Rock Piece
Rock Hand
Rock Lump
Lustful Snake Fire, LightElec, Wind - -Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 4
Snake Piece
Snake Ring
Snake Skin
Spurious Book Ice, Dark - - -Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3
Scripture Piece
Scripture Latch
Tranquil Idol Ice, Light Fire, Elec, Wind - -Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3
Stop 4
Idol Piece
Idol Veil
Elegant Mother Light, Dark - - -Stop 2
Stop 3
Stop 4
Madam Piece
Madam Hat
Soul Dancer Ice, Dark - - -Stop 2Dancer Piece
Dancer Shoes
Wondrous Magus Elec, DarkFire, Ice, Wind - -Stop 2
Stop 3
Stop 4
Shaman Piece
Shaman Robe
Shaman Ring
Blind Cupid Wind, DarkFire - -Stop 3Eros Piece
Eros Arrow
Eros Wings
Natural Dancer Ice, Light - - -Stop 3Hoofer Piece
Hoofer Shoes
Idle Basalt Elec, Light Cut, Stab - -Stop 2
Stop 4
Boulder Piece
Boulder Hand
Whimsical Papillon Wind, Light - - -Stop 3
Stop 4
Butterfly Piece
Butterfly Wing
Amorous Snake Fire, Dark Ice, Wind - -Stop 4Serpent Piece
Serpent Ring
Serpent Scale
Vehement Idol Ice, Dark - - -Stop 4Madonna Piece
Madonna Veil
Madonna Stool
Gorgeous King Fire Light, Dark - -Stop 2
Stop 3
Stop 4
Royal Piece
Royal Stache
Royal Crown
Treasure Hand -Everything - -AllTreasure Piece
Messenger of Love Fire, Ice Elec, WindLight, Dark -Stop 1
Stop 4
High level Persona
Passion Shard
Angel of Love -Fire, Ice Light, Dark -Stop 2
Stop 4
High level Persona
Love Shard
Beast of Lust -Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind Light, Dark -Stop 3
Stop 4
High level Persona
Lust Shard
God of Romance Ice Fire Light, Dark -Stop 3High level Persona
Romance Shard
Merciful Clergyman Elec - Light, Dark -The Big DayTorn Bible
Engage King Wind - Light, Dark -The Big DayRoyal Gold


Group Date Cafe Entrance
Wedding PQ Artbook
Weddings Part 1
Wedding 2 PQ Artbook
Weddings Part 2
Wedding 3 PQ Artbook
Weddings Part 3
Wedding 4 PQ Artbook
Weddings Part 4
PQ Side P3 Group Date Cafe
Group Date Group seen in Side: P3
Persona Q Side P3 Wedding Photo
P3 Side Wedding manga version of Rei and the P3 Hero
PQ Side P4 Group Date Cafe
Group Date Group seen in Side: P4
Persona Q Side P4 Wedding Photo
P4 Side Wedding manga version of P3 Hero and the P4 Hero

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