Ground Zero is a location in the series.



Megami Tensei II

Ground Zero, as its name implies, is where the nuclear missile struck Tokyo. It can only be accessed via the Ginza Underpass. After retrieving the Seven Pillars of Solomon, obtaining the Jewel of Sorrow, and defeating Tiamat, the hero can summon the Royal Castle (王城?) there by going to the center, where the hero thrusts the pillars into the ground making a large pillar appear, and then walking around the pillar counterclockwise. Within the palace resides Masakado, guardian of Kanto, who will warp the hero to the Expanse, where the "true enemy" rules over.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner

It is located between the Embryon territory of Muladhara and the Vanguards' territory of Svadhisthana. A mysterious object appeared in this location, which caused conflict between the two tribes. Each side believed it belonged to the other tribe. Eventually, the object exploded, awakening the Atma within everyone in the Junkyard. The newly demonic Embryon massacre the Vanguard soldiers, who then retreat. Within the crater, they find a girl named Sera.


Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner

  • Ration x 5 (obtained from an Embryon member)


Megami Tensei II

Demon Race Level Drop
Djinn Brute 41 Fujinken
Interipelli Kyojin 35 -
Phantom Night 34 Hissatsu Onislayer
Coin Knight Yoma 32 Hissatsu Onislayer
Sytry Brute 32 Fujinken

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