Gozanze (ゴウザンゼ, Gouzanze) is a persona in the series.


Gōzanze Myō-ō (降三世明王) is one of the 五大明王 (Godai myō-ō), the Five Wisdom Kings in Vajrayana Buddhism. Also known as Trilokavijaya, "one who subjugates the three worlds", he has three threatening faces and eight arms, and is known as the vicious figure who subjugates worlds as well as worldly desires. He is also considered a wrathful emanation of Dainichi Nyorai in the Kongokai Mandala.



Gozanze is the Persona of Keisuke Komatsubara. As Komatsubara does not usually directly engage in combat, it only appears a few times during the series. Its first appearance is during a confrontation with Ryo Kanzato's Cain, where its highly destructive powers were revealed. During the battle, it used a wide reaching physical attack that caused thorn-like spikes to spring up over the area, puncturing Ryo. It also appears later during the confrontation at Marebito's headquarters.


Gozanze Cain
Gozanze faces off against Cain
Gonzanze Stab
Gozanze stabs Ryo
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