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Goko is a character in Shin Megami Tensei V.



Goko is a monk of Jozoji Temple in the real world Tokyo, and a loyal follower of Buddhism. He gives the protagonist a Return Pillar during their first encounter in Da'at.

He often observes the situation of the world and how its events unfold, as well as the war between the forces of Bethel and the demons that wish to become Nahobino. In the end, it is of no concern to Goko who claims the throne of creation as he longs to build the rightful ruler's vision.

In reality, Goko's true name is Amitabha, existing to serve as the light of creation, guiding the protagonist towards properly taking the throne for himself after he has defeated his rivals. If the protagonist chooses to reformat the world (following the Creator, Tokyo's self-interest or a world for humans only), Goko will gladly assist them in their task.

If the protagonist chooses to destroy the throne (following Yakumo), Goko will express disappointment at their decision as the forces of chaos would run amok.


"Goko" (悟劫) loosely means "enlightenment to aeon (kalpa)". Amitābha (阿彌陀佛) is a buddha whose name means "holder of immeasurable light."

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