Gods (神族 Shinzoku or Kamizoku, lit. "Godly Race"), also known as Deity, is a classification of races in the series. It encompasses all races that are associated with other gods and deities, exclusively the most important.

Races Edit

Race Japanese Meaning Alignment
Deity 魔神 Demon God Light-Law / Neutral
Megami 女神 Goddess Light-Law / Neutral
Amatsu 天津神 Heavenly God Light-Law / Light-Neutral
Enigma 秘神 Secret God Light-Neutral or Neutral
Zealot 狂神 Mad God  Light-Chaos or Dark-Neutral 
Soshin 祖神 Ancient God Light-Chaos
Vile 邪神 Wicked God Dark-Law
Entity /
威霊 Spiritual Authority Light-Chaos
Godly 神霊 Godly Spirit Light-Law
Chaos /
混沌王 Chaos King Dark-Chaos

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