Goddess is a race found in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.

Upon choosing to become the Creator of the new universe and father of the new humanity on Dagda's Neutral route, Dagda offers one of Nanashi's former partners to be the Goddess who will be the mother of the new human race. Gender does not matter concerning the choice, and even those who are non-human in some form like Hybrid Hallelujah or Ghost Navarre are candidates. Even though Dagda reincarnates any one of your companions, they are not brainwashed like Flynn.

All Goddesses are changed in some way upon reincarnating, wishing to bear Nanashi's children and be by his side, but are shown to retain a lot of their mannerisms and old dialogue along with new ones specific to this route. Toki is shown to hold the same infatuation and behavior towards Nanashi. Unlike the others, Toki is not warped in behavior, she still retains her same behavior as before, now with the difference of being more open in infatuation with Nanashi. During battle, Toki states "Let's go master, and even "I want to be useful to my master".

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