Official artwork from DemiKids.

Glasyabo, known as Glasya-Labolas (グラシャラボラス, Gurasharaborasu) in Japan, is a demon in the series.


The 25th spirit of the Goetia and a great President of Hell. He appears in the form of a dog with the wings of a Griffin. He is capable of teaching men of all the arts and sciences in an instant and is an author of bloodshed and manslaughter. He can tell the summoner of all things in the past and what is to come in the future. If desired, he can cause the love of friends and enemies alike for the summoner, a well as make them invisible. Glasya-Labolas rules over 36 legions of infernal spirits and his seal must be worn upon summoning him, or he will not obey the summoner. According to the Grand Grimoire, he is a direct subordinate of Nebiros.



DemiKids: Light VersionEdit

"A violent dog-shaped demon who soars above the clouds with its griffon wings."

Known as Glasyabo, he appears in the human world Rem creating Time Rifts in the city. He speaks with another soldier and reveals that the Rebels leader Drail is a traitor. After Jin overhears this he confronts the demons making Glasyabo realize he had revealed this secret to the enemy. He states that this changes nothing and that the Imperius's plan is foolproof. He then arrogantly reveals that the Imperius wants the destruction of the human world Rem and the demon world Dem as he fears the powers of Light & Dark, which he states are beyond Jins grasp. After his defeat Glasyabo proclaims that Jin's victory means nothing as the worlds are doomed to fall and that they are powerless before he dies.


DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
General Wind Boss 120 16 173 80
15 12 13 13 15 15
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Chomp Dark 10 HP No DEF Medium dmg. 1 Foe
Pandemonium Dark 6 MP Confuse. 1 Foe
Venom Breath Dark 35 HP Large dmg +Poison. Foes
Hex Venom Dark 20 MP Hit +Poison. 1 Foe
Terror Gaze Dark 10 HP Absorb MP +DEF Down. Foes
Cycloburst Wind 10 MP Medium dmg. 1 Foe
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